Metal Family Signs

American Sign Letters is proud to introduce our tremendous assemblage of Metal Family Signs, any one of which can make a handsome addition to your living room, a small business, the exterior of your home, or any other space you can imagine. These signs are crafted with the highest adherence to metalwork standards, and we’ll put our metal family signs up against any other products in the industry. Using refined techniques in cutting and curing, we’ve created signs that can be used to pay tribute to your family for many years. We invite you to browse through our collection, see what we have to offer, and choose something that will transform your home into an elegant and welcoming space for your family and your guests!

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Honor Your Family With High-Quality Wall Art

Not long ago, it was customary to put something on the wall that honored your family’s heritage and history. In Europe, it was traditional to find something like a coat of arms on the wall. Today, some families put their family tree on a sign to accomplish a similar effect. But you don’t need to track down your genealogical origins to honor your family; you can uphold the tradition with a simple, elegant metal family sign! The moment you put this beautiful work of art on your wall, you’ll feel connected with your roots in a way that can’t be explained.


Of course, we understand that some customers will have little to no interest in the generations that came before, and that’s okay. Maybe you’re more of a “live in the moment” kind of person. Perhaps you just want a simple sign that honors the family you’ve created for yourself. Whether you’re talking about blood relatives, marriage, or a modern family that defies all of the “rules” of tradition, your family is what means the most to you. We promise that you can find a sign in our collection that honors your precious loved ones. And if you can’t, reach out and contact us; we’re confident we can design something you’ll instantly fall in love with!

How to Decorate With Metal Family Signs

One of the greatest joys we experience here at American Sign Letters is seeing how our customers put our products to use in their own homes and businesses. The wellspring of creativity is bottomless and extraordinary. If you’re interested in getting a metal family sign, but you aren’t quite sure where to put it, we suggest looking through design blogs and photo sites to get inspired. We’ve seen these signs used in retail stores, family rooms, man caves, home theaters, and many other applications. Whether you want to give a bland room an exciting accent or use the sign as the first step in a total redesign, the possibilities are there for the taking.