Vintage Ice Cream Sign

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Once upon a time, not that long ago, it was much more common to go out for a scoop of ice cream than it was to buy a pint at your nearest supermarket. The local creamery/soda shop was a certified hangout spot, attracting teens and families alike. We don’t imagine that the simpler days of the 1950s are coming back anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto that inimitable vibe a little while longer. With this Vintage Ice Cream Sign, you’ll immediately fill your home with the priceless nostalgic charm that means so much. Fair warning, though: just looking at this sign puts us in the mood for a giant chocolate sundae – dieters beware!

Perfect for Parties
Are you planning a birthday party for a gaggle of youngsters? An old-fashioned social for those who remember the good ol’ days? A wedding reception, where you need unique decorations that will make your event the hit of the season? What could complement your efforts more than a Vintage Ice Cream Sign from American Sign Letters? This sign works exceptionally well for an open ice cream bar, but the truth is you don’t even need to serve ice cream at your party to find a place for this one. Its beauty stands apart from its literal message, giving you greater freedom to decorate your party in a way that matches your vision.

Kitchen Appeal
It may seem strange when you think about it, but surveys have shown that most people put more thought into decorating their kitchen than any other room in the house. Maybe it’s not that surprising; after all, we know that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a modern household, and for many people, it is visible from the living room, that other oft-used room. It only makes sense that you want to transform it into a place where you’d like to spend your time! Even if you don’t care that much about cooking, chances are you’ll spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. You want it to look the best it can. When you decorate with hidden treasures like this Vintage Ice Cream Sign, you take a room that is fairly standard from house to house…and you give it a unique quality that is yours and yours alone.

A Thoughtful Gift
Do you know someone in your family or friend circle who loves nothing more than to munch on a crunchy, cold ice cream cone? Are they always telling you where to get the best ice cream in town? Well, they are sure to love this Vintage Ice Cream Sign, which puts their passion in living color – right up on the wall! If you’re tired of getting your relatives and friends the same old, boring, thoughtless presents, why not spice things up the next time a holiday or birthday rolls around! This Vintage Ice Cream Sign may not be for everyone, but if you give it to the right person, you’ll make their whole holiday special.