Winding Road Sign

Speed, lack of visibility, and errant drivers can turn curving stretches of the roadway into a major hazard. Unfortunately, geographical demands exist, and that means we’re stuck with the twisting, turning roads that wind their way through so many of our nation’s communities. These roads will always carry a certain amount of risk with them, but a good traffic control agency will do its part in mitigating the dangers. That starts with the placement of Winding Road Signs that warn drivers that they are about to encounter a curving road that demands caution. By posting these signs, you’re giving drivers the information they need to slow down, pay attention, and be prepared for the twists and turns in the road.

Winding Road Signs: When and How to Use Them

According to the MUTCD – the regulatory handbook that governs how traffic signage is used – Winding Road Signs should be posted whenever a street has three or more consecutive curves separated by less than 600 feet. This is a street feature that demands a driver’s strict attention, lest they cross into the opposing lane or lose control of their vehicle altogether. In either case, the consequences could be disastrous. By posting these yellow warning signs with their trademark curvy black lines, traffic authorities tell drivers to slow down, respect the lane divisions, and adjust their driving to match the new circumstances. In some cases, it may be appropriate to post lower advisory speed limits in conjunction with these signs.

The Purpose of Winding Road Signs

Is it really necessary to post Winding Road Signs? Won’t drivers notice the changing features of the highway without additional warnings? The truth is, they may not notice even WITH the signage. You have to reckon with the facts that traffic control authorities have dealt with for years: Many drivers (if not most of them) are paying very little attention to their surroundings. Some of them are so consumed with their own thoughts and worries that the driving is practically being done automatically. Others are distracted by their phones, passengers, or by their consuming need to “beat” the other vehicles on the road. A Winding Road Sign – like other warning signs – is intended to break through that distractable spell and snap motorists back to attention.

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