Door Signs

When you run a business, it’s important to provide relevant information to workers, guests, and customers as soon as possible. This is particularly the case when you have rooms beyond which certain personnel should not go. You can spend your days constantly haranguing people, telling them that they have done something dangerous or out of line…or you can invest in high-quality Door Signs that convey important messages for you.

If you browse our extensive collection of door signs, you’ll find that we stock messages appropriate for any and all safety and privacy scenarios. American Sign Letters is committed to providing customers with top-quality door signs that work!

Protect Your Business

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to yourself, your investors, and your workers to keep everyone on the premises as safe as possible. Not only is this the humane approach – you don’t want it to be your fault that anyone gets hurt through negligence – it is also the economically responsible one. Even with insurance, you could be held civilly (or even criminally) liable if an accident occurs on your property and a jury finds that you should have warned of the dangers. With proper door signs, you can mitigate that liability, prevent avoidable accidents, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you did everything you could.

Alert Visitors to Their Circumstances

Among our informational door signs, we have signs that inform customers and other visitors about the consequences of opening a particular door. For instance, an “Alarm will sound” door can ensure that guests do not open a door for fear of causing a ruckus. These doors are typically reserved for emergency use only – which is another message you can post on the door to eliminate any and all confusion. In some cases, these door signs may be required by local building codes and fire safety laws, so make sure you check with your regulators to find out.

Keep Customer Traffic Flowing

Door signs are not only important for the interior of your business, they can also be important when you want to direct the flow of customer traffic. Simple entrance and exit signs can improve the security of your retail space so you always know whether or not someone is coming or going. These can also cut down on the unfortunate “traffic jams” that can result when incoming customers run into leaving customers. A “use other door” sign can cut down on confusion when you have multiple doors leading into your store but you only want customers to use one or the other. And, of course, signs depicting your hours can be invaluable to walk-up customers.