Relax Sign

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It’s been said that there’s no surer way to keep someone agitated than to tell them to “relax” when they’ve got their temper up. We would tend to agree with that assertion, but that doesn’t mean the word is inherently unhelpful. While it probably shouldn’t be your go-to word when attempting to calm someone down, it can be useful as a reminder to yourself. Perhaps not to calm down from a heightened state of emotion, but to let your work troubles slide away when you step through the front door into the comforting environs of your home. The home should be a place of rest and recuperation, giving you the strength you need for another day. With a Relax Sign from American Sign Letters, you can remind yourself of this fact every day.

Perfect For the Bathroom
Are you the type of person whose idea of paradise is a long soak in a warm tub after work? Or maybe after a long day of running around after your kids? There’s something inexplicably peaceful about closing the bathroom door, setting the lighting just right, and settling into the water. It’s a little bit like unshouldering an enormous backpack after walking miles through hilly terrain. You don’t even realize how much stress you’re carrying in your muscles and tendons until you lay your head back on the edge of the tub and let out that long, shaky breath that you didn’t know you were holding. This is the true meaning of relaxation, and if you can nudge it closer with a Relax Sign, so much the better!

Setting the Mood
If you’ve ever been to a day spa or a meditation center, you know the importance of setting the mood. It would be jarring to walk into one of those places and hear classic rock blaring from the speakers overhead or see loud, garish posters decorating the walls. You expect to hear the soft trickle of running water, perhaps, or to hear tranquil music playing at a low volume – almost to the point where you can hardly hear it at all. It has been said that there is nothing closer to God than silence, and if you can match that outer silence with inner silence, so much the better. A Relax Sign can help you trigger that response in yourself, and if you can silence your thoughts when necessary, it will undoubtedly bring you greater peace.

Outstanding Quality
Of course, getting a Relax Sign from American Sign Letters isn’t solely about setting up a lair of respite for yourself; it’s also about adding a fine, attractive accent to your home. After all, you could simply write the word “relax” on a sheet of notebook paper and tape it to the wall, if all you needed was a reminder. These signs are handsomely made from top-quality materials, so you can incorporate them into your home’s existing décor without missing a beat. Get your Relax Sign today, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your design…and your life!