Route 66 Sign

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Arguably one of the most famous highways in human history, Route 66 took motorists from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean from 1926 to the mid-1980s, when it was gradually replaced and re-routed by the U.S. interstate highway system. Today, the road is more of a tourist attraction than anything else, but the magic is still alive in those who remember (or who have just heard of) the old days, when this was the place to “get your kicks.” Buying an authentic Route 66 Sign from back in the day, however, can be an expensive proposition. How do you get a flavor of the highway John Steinbeck dubbed “The Mother Road” without spending a fortune at auction? You get your very own Route 66 Sign from American Sign Letters!

Blast From the Past
Inventive at the time of its creation, Route 66 achieved immortality thanks to The Grapes of Wrath, Nat King Cole’s famous song, and – more recently – its inclusion in Pixar’s hit film, Cars. Nowadays, it is seen as a true piece of historic Americana, and it acts as a kind of bridge to our collective past. Even those who never got to travel the highway during its heyday can easily find the fun in imagining what it was like back then. How many amazing road trips took place on that stretch of highway from Chicago to Los Angeles? You can take a trip to see the remnants of Route 66 to this day – and there is quite a lot to see – but you can also grab a piece of history and put it up in your garage or favorite room. With a Route 66 Sign from American Sign Letters, you’ll almost be able to smell the exhaust and taste those roadside hamburgers. See if you can’t!

The Main Street of America
Throughout its illustrious career, Route 66 has been known by many names. One of the ones that stuck was “The Main Street of America.” Now what kind of feelings does that phrase bring up? Main Street alone carries so much symbolism with it that you hardly know where to start. This is America as it once was – a version of it that sometimes seems very far removed from the country we have today. In some respects, that’s probably a good thing. In many others, it objectively isn’t. Unfortunately, there’s no way to really turn back the clock on societal progress, even if some of that progress is lamentable. You can, however, put a reminder of the good ol’ days on your wall, and maybe that’s all you need.

A Great Decoration For Any Room
You don’t have to be a sucker for 1950s Americana or an ardent road trip enthusiast to find a place in your home for this Route 66 Sign, of course. The sign is beautiful and meaningful without any of that. If you have space in your home for decorative accents that speak to your love of collectibles, offbeat items, or just FUN stuff, this sign would be perfect on the walls. Especially great for garages, game rooms, and man-caves. Get your Route 66 Sign from American Sign Letters today!