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Perhaps more than any other tool or material in recent years, Metal Stencils have revolutionized the design industry. Businesses, homeowners, and commercial designers have largely turned away from cheap, flimsy stencils that can only be used once before they must be tossed in the trash. Metal stencils are superior in just about every way, and even though they cost a bit more than their cheap counterparts, they more than make up for the added expense. Their sturdy frame makes them much easier to use – especially for large-scale painting projects – and they can be washed and used again and again. If you’re ready to take your painting to the next level, check out our collection of metal stencils to help you get started!

Easier to Clean

Metal stencils shine when actively being used to create a decoration, but their stars really come out when it’s time to pack them up and put them away for another job. If you’ve ever tried to clean and preserve one of their flimsy, poorly made counterparts, you know that it’s a job for the birds. More often than not, you’ll wind up tearing the stencil, rendering it completely useless for any additional work. Granted, there’s a tradeoff when it comes to affordability, but when you look at the price tags hanging on the metal stencils here, you’ll see that they are still very budget-friendly. And if you intend to use these stencils again, there really is no comparison in terms of value.

Sturdier Material

All right, so you now know that metal stencils are the way to go if you want to reuse the design, but what if this is a one-and-done project? What if you have no intention whatsoever of using the stencil again? Does it still make sense to go with metal rather than vinyl? Absolutely! Metal stencils give you a much sturdier surface to work with, meaning there’s far less chance of messing up your painting. With flimsier stencils, the possibility of smearing your paint, frustrating folds, and unpleasant wrinkles looms large over your project. So unless you’re simply decorating a child’s paper or something equally insignificant, we strongly suggest going with metal.

The Last Word in Versatility

Suppose you’re a homeowner looking for a cheap, easy way to stencil a design on an old dresser. In that case, you can get away with a vinyl or (more appropriately) mylar stencil without running into too many headaches. But if you’re a commercial designer or a business owner, you should head straight for metal stencils. If you’re concerned that these durable stencils won’t work for your intricate applications, put your fears to rest. These stencils are every bit as versatile as their flimsier cousins, and they can be used for any job you have in front of you. Whether you’re looking to paint symbols in the parking lot, design a logo for your business, or create any other intricate design, metal stencils will be your most potent weapon.


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Laser Precision Cut
  • Industrial/Commerical Usage
  • Heavy Duty Stencils
  • Ships in 1-2 Business Days
  • 16 Gauge Steel
  • .063 PVC coated Aluminum
  • 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Limitless customization
  • Max Width 48″ Over 48″ will come in multiple pieces.

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