Political Signs

In 2016, a massive survey was done about the effectiveness of Political Signs in raising awareness for candidates in an election year. The results were conclusive: Political Signs make an enormous impact when it comes to increasing candidate awareness, driving up voter turnout, and even influencing the results of the vote. This is especially true for local candidates who may not have the budget for large-scale advertising or the kind of outlet that would bring them free media coverage. When it comes to small-scale politics – and all the way up to the presidency – signs are one of the most effective forms of campaigning you can do. Get yours from American Sign Letters today, and you’ll see the results on election day!

Getting the Name Out

In that survey we mentioned, thousands of people were asked about the effect Political Signs had on them in the most recent (at the time) election. It turned out that these signs were wonderfully effective when it came to getting people to notice – indeed, hear about – candidates for the first time. How couldn’t they be? Drivers would see them every day on their way to work. Whether they noticed them consciously or not, these signs were having an effect.

Repetition is one of the most important aspects of marketing, and the survey proved this out. Asked if they ever learned about a local candidate from a sign, a whopping 40% of respondents said yes. Imagine if those candidates had chosen to forgo Political Signs under the mistaken belief that they don’t work. Many of them would not be in office right now, that’s for sure!

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Fact is, local candidates are using Political Signs more now than ever. You might be surprised by that statistic. After all, with the internet, social media, and all of the other forms of modern marketing, isn’t a simple sign somewhat…dated? No way! It may not be the most technologically advanced way to market a candidate, but it still works. That’s why the use of Political Signs has increased four-fold since the mid-1980s. Do not doubt this: If Political Signs were ineffective, campaigns would not use them.


In addition to being a powerful campaign tool, Political Signs are also much more affordable than many viable alternative strategies. If you’re running for school board, do you have the funds to purchase a 30-second ad on your local TV channel? Probably not! On the other hand, you can afford to purchase dozens of Political Signs from American Sign Letters, and you can rest assured that every dollar you spend will be put to the best possible use. In an era where national election budgets have skyrocketed into dollar amounts that are practically obscene, local politicians must rely on savvy strategies to get the word out about their candidacies. Political Signs may not be fancy, but they are definitely savvy. Buy yours today!