Acrylic Wall Calendar

Are you ready to transform your office, home workspace, kitchen, or any other room that could use functional, stylish wall décor? If so, allow us to recommend an Acrylic Wall Calendar – the perfect accent to add a clean, minimalist look to any space. Modern, sleek, and eminently useful, this calendar is an affordable and fun way to keep track of your busy life, put all of your appointments right out front where you can see them, and count down the days to those special moments of the year we all look forward to. If you’ve been looking for decorations that can make you look at your office with fresh eyes, you’ve found your holy grail. One of these Acrylic Wall Calendars will do as much as a new coat of paint when it comes to breathing life into your workspace.

Fun and Modern

Not only does this Acrylic Wall Calendar give you the space you need to customize your calendar to be just the way you want it, it adds a fun and modern dimension to your office décor the moment you put it up on the wall. This calendar, though affordably priced, strikes elegant notes that seem to express wealth…sophistication…the cutting edge. Whether you put it up at work or home, it will not be long before others are asking you where you got such a stylish addition to the space! And because you can use any number of colors to fill in the calendar (dry-erase markers recommended), you can completely change the “look” of your Acrylic Wall Calendar whenever you take up the mind to do so.

Versatile and Durable

Don’t you hate it when you go to turn the page on your paper calendar and the nail/push-pin rips through the hole? Now what!? Or you push a little too hard on the pen when making an appointment, and you can see the outline of last month’s business on this month’s empty days? Granted, we may be treading into the waters of First World Problems here, but still! With an Acrylic Wall Calendar, you can say goodbye to these problems of the past and enjoy a calendar that will never rip, never bleed through to the next month, and will remain durable and versatile as long as you take a moderate amount of care to preserve it.

Lightweight and Portable

While this Acrylic Wall Calendar is set up in such a way that you can hang it in a single place for years and never need to move it, it is lightweight and portable enough for you to easily put it somewhere else whenever you feel like it. For as much as this calendar adds to a room when hung, it is not some laborious decoration that will require three people to take off the wall whenever it’s time to change offices. Its presence is huge, but its actual physicality is quite light. And because the included hardware is so easy to use, moving it from place to place will never be a headache.