Commemorative Plaques

Everywhere you go – if you take the time to notice – you will see that buildings are often adorned with a Commemorative Plaque or two paying tribute to someone important to the business’s development. You may have to search quite far to find the plaque, but it is nearly assured that you’ll come across it sooner or later. The reason is simple: We as humans like to honor those who have come before us. Whether we pay tribute in metal, ceramic, or stone makes little difference; the important thing is that we’ve ensured that the honoree is established in the foundation of what they helped build – both figuratively and literally. If you have (or had) such a person in your life, you too can join this tradition with a Commemorative Plaque from American Sign Letters.

Mark a Visitation Spot

Not all Commemorative Plaques are intended for office buildings. Take a stroll around your local downtown area and you’re likely to come across at least one plaque marking a statue or a bench or an artificial pond as a place of interest. These plaques may not even be commemorating a person at all; some plaques inform the public about historical events, environmental points, and other interesting aspects of the area. These plaques serve to not only inform visitors but also to enrich the town with history and culture. This has an immediate effect on everything from tourism to growth rates, and no town manager should ignore the benefits.

Building History

In addition to honoring those who made your business possible, it is also customary to finish off a building with a Commemorative Plaque that outlines the specific history of the company, including the date construction was completed (or your business was founded). If you’ve never owned a business, you will still realize that plaques of this sort are important and ubiquitous. Business owners love to tell the public when they were established, and for good reason: The longer a store or service has been in business, the more it says about their reputation. Put another way: Bad businesses usually do not last long in the free marketplace. A Commemorative Plaque can be a great way to let the public know that you’ve been in the community for a while.

Plaques That Stand Out

As we alluded to earlier, some plaques are easier to spot than others. Part of this is down to placement; you don’t want to mount a Commemorative Plaque on the back side of the janitor’s closet. Part of it is down to material and color; a plaque that blends in with the walls will do little to draw attention. And part of it is down to size; a small plaque is likely to be overlooked, especially if surrounded by busy decorations. When you buy a Commemorative Plaque from American Sign Letters, you can choose from a range of options that make sense for your establishment. From size to font to color, you can find a plaque that will look great on your building and attract the eye of any visitor.