Lighted Signs

With Lighted Signs, you can make a bright, stunning impression on your community and take your business to the next level. At American Sign Letters, we’re proud to carry a wide array of electric and LED signs that can beautify your office, light up your retail establishment, and draw customers in to see what you have to offer. With years of experience in the field, we have built up a trusted name in signage and illumination, making us the go-to choice for any business that’s ready to improve its marketing plan. Lighted Signs can be a powerful promotional tool, a simple way to get information out to customers, and they can act as decorations all unto themselves.

Eye-Catching Exterior Signs

When it comes to your public-facing business, few considerations are as important as your sign. Yes, yes, you should have a welcoming parking lot, your windows should be clean and clear, and you should probably see to it that loiterers find another place to while away their time, but the business sign is paramount. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your sign will tell prospective customers quite a lot about what they will find inside. In addition to going out there with a great name and some clever branding, you need to make sure – first of all – that your sign is visible.

Visibility is what Lighted Signs are all about. Just as a moth is attracted to the flame, customers will find themselves inexorably drawn in by a beautifully lit sign. It acts as a beacon in the night, or just the early-evening hours, adding depth and dimension to your promotional strategy. What’s going on over there? Let’s check it out! These are the kinds of impromptu conversations you can inspire with something as simple as Lighted Signs for the outside of your business. And if you can create that kind of energy so easily, why wouldn’t you?

Update Your Old Signage

We can’t speak for everyone, but we will say this: Nothing makes us dismiss a retail business faster than an old, outdated, or darkened sign. For one thing, it’s just plain creepy to see such a sign. It gives off bad vibes. For another, it tells us something about what we can expect to find inside. If the shopkeeper can’t be bothered to fix his sign, why would we assume a great customer experience is awaiting us on the other side of the door? Don’t turn your customers off before they ever have a chance to see what’s great about your business. Update your look with Lighted Signs today!