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Welcome to our personalized wooden sign section. Here is where we can turn your idea into reality. We offer full custom wooden signs where you pick the shape and we can carve it out plus add color. We can stain, paint or add vinyl to the wood to create the perfect wooden sign. These can be used for both indoor and outdoors, add quotes, sayings, logos or even for your wedding. If you didn’t want a full shape sign you can also do a name sign. We can make a script word or words of your choice. These will all be connected and we have plenty of different fonts and colors to choose from. These are great for family name signs plus we can make shapes such as arrows or anything else you can think of.

Our signs came in different types of woods and thicknesses, they range from ¼” tick to 1” and can be made from birch or mdf wood. If you want to see the grains we suggest going with birch but if you want a thicker one that costs less then mdf is the best route for you. If you are putting these outside in the sun, rain and snow they will start to weather over time. If you want something to last 10+ years then you might want to go with metal or plastic. Our paint is made to last outside but the material does absorb over time and will need to be maintained over the years unlike other materials we have. Just remember everything is custom and we can personalize your sign to be anything. If you are having trouble with ideas for a baby shower, wedding or event be sure to give us a call. We have phone support between 8am-7pm est. You can also send us an email. We have designers on staff that can make you a proof before we produce it.

Maybe you are starting a new business, perhaps you already have one and are seeking to revamp its life. Personalized signs are the way to go!

Custom made objects grab the public’s attention. To name some of the advantages, you can pick between many designs, sizes, colors, and styles. That way, you make sure that the signs match the whole thematic of your company.

Custom made signs for your company –or as home décor –offer many traits:

  • Helps your company branding. Sometimes thinking about branding makes us believe this is a paramount task. Or, on the other hand, we consider only logos, jingles, and ads. But branding is also about providing your company with its identity. Having personalized signs for your organization makes your customer –or potential customer –think about you.
  • Flexibility. You get to pick everything! From style to size and color. This is the place where you select what matches your company best. Instead of conforming to cookie-cutter designs and looking ordinary and tedious, you can be creative, original, and classy.
  • The high return of investment. Personalized signs pay for themselves. There’s an innate –and sometimes justified –fear of spending too much in marketing. But this is a proven technique; personalized signs increase traffic and boost sales. They get the public’s attention.

Among personalized signs, the material is one of the choices you have to make. One of the most popular ones is wood. Personalized wooden signs are an astute business decision. It’s all about the flexibility wood offers. Contrary to some materials that inherently give your marketing objects a specific style, wood proves to be versatile:

  • Classy look. There’s a chic feel to it. There’s a beauty adhered to something made of real wood. Personalized wooden signs give a clear message of class, high-quality, and elegance.
  • Rustic look. If your business or space has more of a rustic ambiance, a wooden sign will work correctly. It has a homey feeling of warmth and natural vibe that translates into a classic country look.
  • Traditional. People perceive wooden signs as proof that a business is well-established. Like a sturdy, timeless company that withstands it all. That’s the image you want to give! Reliable and trustworthy.

If you want your sign for indoor applications, you may want to go with a smaller, more discreet sign, which gives the impression of you hosting.

If, on the contrary, your needs go beyond the exit door, choose something larger, which will give your walls a bold look.

You don’t need to improvise and hurt yourself trying to craft a beautiful, classy wooden sign for your business or any other place. Just browse through our extensive catalog, pick a template that works for your needs and preferences, and add the personal touch you want. It is that simple! It is that effective!


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