Yard Letters

Do you need a vibrant way to promote your upcoming event? Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a family member’s birthday or meaningful accomplishment? Our stand-out Yard Letters give you an attractive way to draw the attention of the community and delight anyone who drives by your front lawn. Easy to set up – there’s not much more to it than driving a stake into the soil – these Yard Letters are one of the most affordable and simple ways to add the right note of merriment to any occasion: Birthdays, graduations, wedding showers, Christmas, and so much more! And by purchasing these signs as separate letters, you have full control over the final message – make them say whatever you want, and have a blast while doing it.

Weather Resistant

If you buy Yard Letters from your local craft store (or, heaven forbid, construct them using cardstock or some other blogger’s bright idea), you will regret it the moment it rains. While our corrugated plastic letters aren’t meant to be left outside in a hurricane for two weeks, by any means, they are much more weather resistant than similar products sold by our competitors. We don’t recommend leaving these letters up during inclement weather, but if you have no other choice, you’ll certainly get better mileage out of our products than those sold at the local party store.


While we don’t highly recommend posting Yard Letters – even the high-quality ones you buy here at American Sign Letters – out in a blizzard, we can’t very well advise you against putting them out in your lawn on a sunny day! What good would they be to you? And yet, time and again, we see yard signs in our community that have been bleached to the point of illegibility by the sun. That may speak at much to Florida as to the quality of these products, but still. You deserve to know that your Yard Letters will be able to stand up to UV light, and ours have been specially coated to ensure that they can and will.

Choose or Customize

We are proud to present a wide selection of fonts, colors, and sizes in our Yard Letters, but we wouldn’t presume to know to a certainty what YOU want in your lawn. At every chance possible, we like to hand the reins over to our customers, who never fail to amaze us with their imagination and ingenuity. Not for the last time, we’ve used their customized inspiration to deepen our own inventory with ideas and products that might never have occurred to us. If you have a special request for your Yard Letters, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we may just be able to create something unique that suits your purposes perfectly!