Popcorn Sign

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Make the most of your next movie night with an authentic Popcorn Sign from American Sign Letters. This sign is a must-have for anyone who takes their home theater seriously…as well as anyone who loves nothing more than a nice big bowl of buttered popcorn when it’s snack time. Whether you like to take in a new release with your family or with a bevy of close friends, you’ll be able to take your viewing to the next level with fresh snacks and this beautiful Popcorn Sign.

It seems to us that “atmosphere” is what’s most important when it comes to the moviegoing experience, and it can be hard to replicate that cinema feeling at home, no matter how big your screen is. This sign can do what even the best surround sound system cannot – make you feel like you’re at the local multiplex. And the best part is, you won’t have to worry about noisy teens or talky talkersons. Or, if you do, you can just tell them to get out!

The Details Matter
When it comes to creating a welcoming, sincere movie theater environment, the devil is in the details. We don’t recommend spilling Coke all over your floors for that authentic “sticky” feeling, but anything short of that is bound to help. And whom among us doesn’t think of popcorn when we imagine a great moviegoing experience? But popcorn alone isn’t enough. You have to advertise it, just like they do at the cinema. There’s no better way to promote your snacks than with this Popcorn Sign. You don’t even (necessarily) need to provide the popcorn. Just the sign alone is enough to give your home theater that added “oomph” you need to complete the aura. Try this one out in your home, and see if you don’t feel the same!

High-Definition Graphics
This Popcorn Sign may look somewhat retro by design, but this isn’t some relic found at the bottom of a yard sale. The quality of this sign is phenomenal, and that goes twice for the beauty of the graphics. You may be buying this sign as an “accent” piece for your home, but you just wait: When you pull it out of the mail, you’ll see that photos don’t do it justice. The colors pop, the text is HD and stunning, and you will want to put this sign in a place of honor where everyone will see it. This sign has the potential to not only add decorative value to your theater room but to actually outshine your other aesthetic décor. If you’re looking for something that will just “blend in” to the surroundings, this is not the sign for you! But if you want something that POPS off the wall, this Popcorn Sign is surely the ticket.