Parking Lot Signs

We are accustomed to seeing aluminum signs down every stretch of highway in America, but traffic signs aren’t just important in well-trafficked roadways. They also have an essential role to play in parking lots and private property areas where there might otherwise be confusion about where to go. If you’re seeing this kind of confusion on your property, it’s a good idea to invest in Parking Lot Signs that can restore order. Our parking lot signs are designed to be visible, informative, and professional-looking, making them perfect for schools, businesses, and any other organization that needs to impart information to incoming drivers.

Lightweight and Heavy-Duty

Because our parking lot signs are made from premium-quality aluminum, we can safely say that they provide the best of both worlds. These signs are both lightweight and heavy-duty. They’re not going to fall into disrepair the first time the wind kicks up over 15 mph. They’re not going to fade and decay from being out in the harsh sunlight for a few months. These signs are designed to last you a long time. On the other hand, you won’t need to recruit your five largest employees just to plant the sign in the ground. This combination of lightweight metal and durability gives you the flexibility you need to use these parking lot signs in such a way that you get the greatest benefit from them.

Highway-Quality Construction

Our parking lot signs are not necessarily designed to meet highway standards in terms of dotting every “i” and adhering to every DOT regulation; they don’t need to be. Parking lots by their very nature are not under the purview of the Department of Transportation, and they are more often than not located on private property. This gives you, as the owner or manager in charge, the freedom to have personalized signs that don’t match the stoic conformity of a sign placed by the city or state. That said, all of our signs are built with the same quality of metal construction you’ll find on any stop sign or speed limit sign in your city. You won’t have to worry about these signs failing to stand the test of time.

Control Speed

Even though there is limited space available and there is an obvious hazard to driving too quickly in a confined parking lot, drivers will still make a go of it. We’re sure you’ve noticed this happening on your property. While you can mitigate the effects of these speed demons with speed bumps and expensive humps in the road, you might want to start with simple parking lot signs that display the required speed limits. Sometimes all it takes is a direct reminder of the appropriate speeds to change driver behavior significantly. This increases safety for everyone who drives on your property.

Designate Spots

ADA regulations require that businesses of a certain size include at least one handicapped parking space for those who are disabled. Beyond that, you may need to designate spots for any number of reasons: VIP parking, customer parking, employee-of-the-month, and so forth. You may also want to post a sign that warns against unauthorized parking. You can do all of this and more with our parking lot signs, allowing you to take control of traffic flow and visitor traffic immediately.