Memorial Plaques

Few things in life are as painful as losing a loved one – and yet it is something that almost everyone will have to go through at some point. For surviving friends, it can often be challenging to find the right words that will impart comfort. For the grieving survivors themselves, it is not easy to know how to honor and memorialize the ones who have crossed to the other side. Our Memorial Plaques constitute beautiful, thoughtful keepsakes and gifts that commemorate the loss of the beloved in a classy, heartwarming way. Personalizable with quotes, dedications, and even photographs, these memorial plaques are a small way for the living to remember those who have passed away.

Remember Your Loved Ones

Death is the one thing that none of us can outrun. Unfortunately, the pain that death leaves behind can linger for a long time. And while there is no sure way to alleviate that pain or make it go away more quickly, there are things you can do to keep your lost ones’ memory and spirit alive in your heart. These memorial plaques won’t bring anyone back, but they can instill in you a sense of peace and calm when you use them to honor those who have passed. Set one up in a solemn place in your home, and you will have your own personal shrine for remembrance, stillness, and healthy grief.

Pay Tribute

Memorial plaques aren’t just for the recently deceased. They are also a fine way to pay tribute to important people who played a role in funding an organization, founding a business, contributing to the community, or making a difference in some special way. These plaques can be mounted on the walls of an office, drilled to a tree in a public park, incorporated into a waterside bench, or included in a town memorial space. In this way, employees, students, and the general public can appreciate the important contributions of this person – without whom, the present would not be the same.

Commemorate Your Beloved Pet

It’s hard for some to understand, but for those of us who know…we really know. Pets can become just as much a beloved part of the family unit as a person. Their gentle, non-judgmental nature puts us in touch with that loving, kind part of ourselves that even our kids can make us forget! They are pure creatures, and they add something special to our lives that would be sorely missed if they were not around. This means it can be terribly sad when they pass away. A memorial plaque can commemorate that special dog or cat who made your days so happy when they were around.

A Customized Bereavement Gift

When someone you know has lost a loved one, it isn’t always easy to know what to say or do. By giving them the gift of a memorial plaque, you are cutting through that confusion and presenting them something that they can use to treasure a lost soul for the rest of their lives. Use our customization options to personalize the plaque or reach out to our experts for any options you don’t see on the site. Memorial plaques make for fine bereavement gifts that show them you care…and that you’re there for them.