Giant Checks

Nothing puts a topper on a great event like a Giant Check from American Sign Letters. A sight to behold, these oversized checks are the right choice when you want to make a donation to your favorite local charity, motivate your employees to go the extra mile, congratulate someone on an immense accomplishment, or simply have a laugh with your friends. Maybe you’ll even want to stick it up on your wall – a blow-up reminder of the first paycheck you ever got, or just a sassy callback to those old Publisher’s Clearing House commercials. Whatever reason you have for needing a Giant Check, we’ll make sure you get one that looks fantastic in person, shows up beautifully in photographs, and helps your event go off without a hitch.

Donating Money to a Good Cause

There are many different ways that Giant Checks are used, but this is probably one of the most common. We encourage all of our customers to send us stories and photographs explaining how they put their checks to use, and this is the scenario we see most often. We have to admit, it brings a certain joy to our hearts to see so many people out there doing so much good. That we get to be a part of that – in whatever small way – is gladdening beyond words. If you have occasion to give money to a local charity or another good cause, using a Giant Check brings prestige and fun to the event.

Motivate Your Workers

Handing out bonuses for a job well done? That’s positive management 101. Doing so with a Giant Check in front of the rest of your employees? Now that’s taking things to the next level. So if you really want to make sure your workers know that their contributions are valued, think seriously about giving them their bonus in the form of a Giant Check that their friends and co-workers can admire from afar. It may not be long before they feel that fire burning within them to go the extra mile, stay late that extra day, and put in that extra effort – for themselves and for the company. Positive motivation goes a long way, and these novelty checks can help you create a go-for-it environment that will do wonders for your bottom line.

Other Fun Uses

Of course, who are we to tell you how to use your Giant Check? We’ve seen these products used in so many different ways, we’ve lost count. One customer used it to give to his son upon his college graduation. Another gave it as a gag gift to a roommate who told them they no longer wanted to accept checks as payment for rent. Other customers have used these checks to add a little spice to their man-caves. The possibilities are endless! What we really want to know is how YOU will use a Giant Check from American Sign Letters. Please write to us and let us know – we’d love to hear the story and we can’t wait to see the photos.