Snack Bar Sign

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The old drive-in theaters that played a jaunty little jingle inviting us all out to the lobby may be largely relegated to the past, but nothing at all has gone out of style in terms of loving movies, snacks, and all that goes along with it. The only difference these days is that, with the onset of streaming and the rise of home theater entertainment systems, more people than ever are watching their movies at home than going out to the cinema. Still, it’s not quite the same, is it? Well, with a Snack Bar Sign from American Sign Letters, you add more of that big-theater atmosphere to your home movie viewing. Of course, that’s just one of many ways that you can use this sign; it’s perfect for weddings, parties, and housewarming gifts as well!

Decorate Your Home Theater
Whether you have a dedicated room with a projector, curtains, and comfy chairs, or your “theater” is nothing more than a dressed-up name for your living room, how you decorate can make all the difference. It’s amazing what a small accent sign can do to turn a “theater” (cough, cough, wink, wink) into a THEATER that people will be wowed by. You don’t necessarily need the most exclusive, state-of-the-art sound system or the biggest television that can fit through the front door. As long as you take some time and set the atmosphere, you’ll be able to tap into that magic mood that turns (almost) any movie into a good time. Could a Snack Bar Sign be just the thing you need to take your home viewing experience to the next level?

Dress Up Your Next Event
Everyone knows that you have to provide plenty of great snacks if you’re going to throw a party, so make sure your guests know exactly where to get fed. With this Snack Bar Sign, you can add an element of fun to your next event while also giving your guests useful information. From outdoor weddings to gala charity events to neighborhood block parties, this sign will enhance any event. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re serving up bags of popcorn or fresh sushi; in one case, this sign is genuine and perfect and in the other, it acts as an ironic set piece that will get a chuckle out of every guest. If you’re looking for interesting decorations for your next big bash, this Snack Bar Sign should be on your radar.

Wonderful Housewarming Gift
Maybe you don’t have a place in your home for this Snack Bar Sign, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t possibilities. Chances are, you at least know someone who is a big-time movie fanatic. Maybe you even know someone who has outfitted their home theater with every gadget one could ever want. Why not surprise them with this sign as a way of showing your appreciation for their friendship and love? These signs also make terrific housewarming gifts, so if you know a young couple getting ready to move into their first abode, this might be the perfect welcoming present.