Wall Stencils

With Wall Stencils from American Sign Letters, you can transform any wall in your home without the expense and messiness of wallpaper. Stencils can give you everything that wallpaper does – and more! Let’s face it, traditional wallpaper is not only ridiculously expensive, it is also a hassle and a half to roll onto the walls. Sure, you can get a professional to come do it, but then you’re spending even more money for a solution that is, at best, slightly out of date, as far as housing trends are concerned. But then, how else do you decorate your walls if you’re not into that single-color look? Are you cursed to cover every inch of your wall with pictures, paintings, and posters? Not at all. With Wall Stencils, the power of creativity is within your grasp.

Save Money

There are numerous benefits to choosing Wall Stencils over traditional wallpaper, but few are as compelling as the cost savings. As a homeowner, you know that anything can go wrong at any minute. One minute, you’re looking at your bank account and feeling good about the world, the next minute the kitchen floods and you have to spend a fortune replacing what the insurance company won’t. What’s more – you don’t want to start cutting corners in the name of saving money. The good news is that Wall Stencils are not only (much) more affordable than wallpaper, they will give you an even greater result than you could imagine. Saving money while making your walls look terrific? Yes, please!

Quality That Lasts

Even if you choose the most expensive wallpaper on the market, you’re going to have potential trouble when it comes to those inevitable foes: Time, heat, and humidity. Unfortunately, even designer wallpaper is at the mercy of these elements. Or rather, we should say, the glue holding it to the wall is. It’s not at all uncommon, then, to see wallpaper beginning to peel away from the wall in humid places like the bathroom or the kitchen. With Wall Stencils, you don’t have to worry about that. Once you’re finished painting, you can count on a quality design that lasts.

Change With The Times

Have you ever put up wallpaper, only to decide a few months later that you hate it and want something new? Unfortunately, given the time, effort, and expense that goes into wallpaper, changing it after only a few months (or even a few years) is a colossal waste. The same will not be true of the designs you make with our Wall Stencils. Because the stencils themselves are so affordable, you need only be concerned with the cost of the paint and the “cost” of your own labor – neither of which is going to amount to a fraction of what you’d pay for wallpaper. With this realization comes the freedom to change designs whenever the mood strikes you!