Divided Highway Signs

With a Divided Highway Sign, you can alert drivers that they are approaching an area where the highway is divided by a physical feature such as a concrete wall or a median. In some cases, the dividing obstacle could be a natural feature, such as a patch of land or a manmade feature such as a guard rail. In either case, the point of the sign is to caution travelers that they will no longer be able to access the opposing lane(s) for passing purposes or convenient turns. There may be areas – access points, intersections – where turns are permitted without ending the divided highway. Normally, these signs are diamond-shaped with a yellow background and black symbols or text.

An Important Notice

When drivers come upon a Divided Highway Sign, they are expected to raise their alertness and pay attention to the impending barrier. This process should generally include taking firm action such as slowing the rate of speed at which they are traveling. A divided highway won’t always coincide with a change in the actual flow of traffic, but often it will. For instance, each side of the highway may expand into additional lanes. Drivers accustomed to using the opposing lane for passing purposes should be especially alert to the approach of a divided highway, as this option will no longer be open to them. If you’re in charge of placing the signs, be sure to mark the end of the divided section with another sign: The Divided Highway Ends Sign, which you can also purchase here at American Sign Letters.

Safer Highways

Studies have shown that divided highways are safer than two-lane roads. While not always convenient for drivers, a physical barrier between the opposing lanes massively decreases the odds of a head-on collision and thus lowers the risk of traffic fatalities. That said, risks do remain and accidents can still easily occur. This is why it’s so important to plant a Divided Highway Sign at the appropriate juncture so that drivers can prepare for the change. Without it, they may become confused or travel into the oncoming lane without realizing they are headed for a barrier (or worse, an oncoming car). The penalties for ignoring the laws governing divided highways are stiff, simply because the dangers of traveling into the median or into opposing traffic are so great.

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