Foam Letters and Numbers

Foam Letters

Welcome to our section of foam letters. These type of letters are great as you can get a nice size letter that is thick for a lesser cost of other materials. We make both small and large foam letters which are great for indoor use and ok to be used outside for a limited time. The durability is less than a metal or plastic letter for outdoor use. If you will be hanging them on the wall, we cut the letters are you see but if you want them to stand on their own, we shave the bottom off to create a nice flat surface.

These large foam letters are great for events as they really stand out and we have the ability to make them very large. Are each letter there are slight pock marks due to the material make up. We use 3lb foam which is much denser then the 1lb and 2lb foam. These are lightweight and will last for a long time indoors. When buying foam letters, you will have the choice to get the installation pattern. This will help if you are putting them on the wall so they are installed straight. We recommend industrial double sided tape. If you purchase these unpainted, we suggest not using spraint paint unless you plan on throwing away after the event. The solvents in the paint will eat the material. Besides just letters we make foam numbers. All our products are made to order and are custom. When you purchase, we will send you a proof and then only after we will start cutting your order.

When buying we have three different options, the first being wall mounted where we paint the letters but not the back. We have standing letters where we paint the entire letter but the bottom and make the bottom flat. The last option is unpainted where we cut the full letter and send as is. All these options apply for small and big foam letters. If you want the giant foam letters there may be freight charges please contact us before purchasing. We can make these as custom as you want as we create them. If you want script, block or a different font we can do it. If you have any questions please email us or give us a call. We have specialists on call Monday-Friday 8am-7pm EST. They can hep you with all your sign needs.

Large Foam Letters

Large foam letters are an easy and fun way to create a personal or professional looking display.

Foam letters are large, colorful letters that are made of foam. They come in many shapes and colors and can be used for a variety of purposes. These large foam letters can be used to create signage for events, promote your business, or even spell out the name of your child’s new bedroom. These stand on there own and create a nice show piece.