She Shed Signs

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Some women bristle when they hear talk of the much-celebrated man cave. “Why does he get a room to escape? What about me?” Well, it is a point well taken, and it is perhaps the driving force behind the rise of the she shed. While the name denotes a structure separate from the house, it doesn’t have to be – any more than a man cave needs to be an actual cave.

The point of this space has less to do with its location and more to do with its purpose. It is a place for women to take some much-needed time for themselves – a break from the relentless demands of work, children, and needy husbands. Your unique personality, of course, will inform what you actually do in the space and how you choose to decorate it. To that end, we’ve curated an extensive collection of interesting and diverse She Shed Signs – take a look and see if you can’t find something that resonates with you!

A Space for Self-Care
Much has been written in recent years about the importance of self-care, and it’s no wonder why. It is clear that people – Americans, at least – are not as happy or fulfilled in their lives as they once were. It is crucial that we all make time in our lives to care for the only person for whom we are truly responsible – ourselves! This, in turn, gives us the foundation from which we can off the best care to others. This doesn’t mean you need to fill your she shed with motivational books and scented candles (though of course, you can); it means creating a space where you feel completely at home. Hopefully, some of the She Shed Signs you find here at American Sign Letters can help you achieve that vision.

Let Your Identity Soar
It is common for women to find themselves enveloped completely by the roles that family life demands. We’ve come a ways from the stereotypical “housewife” role of the 1950s, but it is still easy for a woman to find herself almost totally defined as a mother, a wife, and – perhaps most reductively – as a housecleaner and cook. Unfortunately, even if a woman has no problem with any and all of these roles, she can find herself lost in them. “Who am I without my family’s dependence?” she may find herself asking. “Who was I before they came along?”

These questions are excellent ones to explore, and the she shed is an outstanding place to find answers. Until you do, try experimenting with different hobbies and interests, and use the She Shed Signs you find here to inspire you beyond the roles to which society wants to confine you.