Bathroom Signs

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of Bathroom Signs you can use to denote the appropriate gender, come into compliance with ADA handicapped codes, instruct staff as to their responsibilities, point the way to the facilities, and much more. With customization available upon request for some items, you can get bathroom signs that reflect your branding and your specific needs. All of our signs, customized or not, are made to the highest industry standards and designed to be visible, contemporary, and long-lasting. If you’ve been looking high and low for bathroom signs that will look right in your facilities, browse our collection and we’re sure you’ll find something that exceeds your expectations.

Stay in Compliance

By putting our ADA bathroom signs up, you can not only provide a hospitable, welcoming environment for your disabled customers and guests, but you can also ensure that your business is in compliance with federal laws. You work too hard and put too much of your passion into your business to see it derailed by something as small as being out of code. But that’s exactly what can happen if you aren’t prepared for that next surprise inspection. And seeing as how many business owners are struggling just to break even in their early years, a hefty fine could be all it takes to put you under. Get out in front of problems before they exist with our regulation-compliant bathroom signs.

Show Off Your Commitment to Customers

Let’s face it: The American consumer population is spoiled for choice. There are too many businesses competing for our hard-earned dollars for any entrepreneur to feel overly confident about their customer base. The survivor – the business owner who stands tall when his competition has fallen – takes every aspect of the consumer experience seriously. Bathroom signs fall under this umbrella, believe it or not. Customers know that you’re not making a profit off your restrooms; any signage you provide is purely for the benefit of their experience. Whether they realize this consciously or not, it makes a big impact on their brand loyalty.

Guide the Way

Our bathroom signs aren’t solely for hanging in the restrooms themselves. We sell quite a few wayfinding signs that can help direct your workers and customers to the proper facilities. These are especially useful in large retail stores and darkened restaurants where it can be difficult for customers to find the bathrooms when they need them. Not only do these signs help provide your guests with a more comfortable experience, they also reduce the amount of time your staff must dedicate to shepherding these people to the restrooms.

Instruct Your Staff

In addition to bathroom signs intended for customers and guests, we also have signs that are for internal company use. For instance, you may need our “Wash Hands before returning to work” sign to remind your employees of their hygienic responsibilities. We also have signs that mandate a certain cleaning schedule, if your workers take turns with the ol’ bucket-and-mop. These signs also put customers at ease, letting them know that you’re on top of things.