Mandala Stencils

American Sign Letters is proud to introduce the Mandala Stencil – the perfect design to embrace the seemingly chaotic cosmos and, in turn, find your inner balance and harmony. Human beings have turned to the mandala design for centuries, using it to illustrate the circular motion of life’s cycles that can be found in everything from the shape of the galaxy to the breathing in and out that keeps us alive. Of course, you don’t have to be immersed in spirituality or Eastern religion to find beauty in the extraordinary shape of the mandala. Its intricate pattern is a thing of beauty all on its own, and you can use our stencils to bring them into any home decorating project or craft you like!

No Skill Required

Some Buddhists, even to this day, turn drawing a mandala into a meditation. It takes such precision and focus to complete one of these patterns that there is no room left for thinking, judgments, past, or future. There is only the present moment – a place of calm and serenity. However, unless you’re a black belt in Zen, you may find it difficult to narrow your concentration to such a fine point. How can you ever learn to paint these wonderful designs if you simply don’t possess the skill or patience (or time) to sit and work on them for hours? Trust us – we can relate!

But that’s what makes Mandala Stencils so valuable. You don’t need to bring any special skill to the table, and you don’t need to align yourself with the deep forces of the universe. With a modicum of care and caution, you can easily paint through a stencil onto any backdrop you like. Instead of taking hours, you can be done with your project in minutes. And because our stencils are so precisely cut, you will have a professional-looking painting indistinguishable from the work of a master artist.

Spiritual Decorations

If you’re like many Americans, you may recognize the madness of modern society. There hardly seems a moment to breathe! That is what has led to the surging popularity of yoga, meditation, prayer, and simple times of quiet reflection in our culture. People understand intuitively that they need to bring space back into their lives. No matter how successful you are on the outside, a life of nonstop doing, rushing, thinking, and worrying is no recipe for happiness. To make room for peace, joy, and love to enter your life, you may have even designed a room for your quiet solitude. Wonderful! You can use these Mandala Stencils to turn your small fortress of solitude into a place of comfort and solace. The more pleasant your surroundings, the easier it will be for you to let go of your problems…even if only for a few minutes.