School Banner

Whether you’re interested in raising school spirit with an invigorating pep rally or putting on a dance for homecoming, a School Banner from American Sign Letters can help you excite students, impress parents, and make your campus a better place to be. Our banners are made from high-quality materials suitable for indoor or outdoor display, and we use fresh colors and graphics that make the banner look as though it cost twice as much as it does. These School Banners can be used to attract interest in upcoming campus events, intrigue area sponsors who want to help your school raise money, and liven up any gym, auditorium, or outdoor stadium they’re placed in.

Durable and Affordable

When you buy a School Banner from us, you’re not only getting a great deal, you’re purchasing a quality product made to last. From the fabric of the flag itself to the grommets that hold it in place, our materials are chosen and designed to stand up to years of use – even in inclement conditions. When you buy lower-quality banners from our competitors, you run the risk of having your display ruined after only a few months of wear and tear. Some of them, quite frankly, look terrible right out of the box. We’re not here to run anyone down, but when you’re looking for the intersection of durability and affordability, there’s only one choice.

Attract Attention

Whether you choose to customize one of our existing templates or strike out with a design of your own, your School Banner will pop with color and life, attracting attention from students, faculty, parents, and sports fans. These banners are a terrific way to spread the word about upcoming school events, keep parents informed about campus schedules, advertise sports games, or simply draw positive attention to your school. You can hang them up on the fence outside your campus, billow them out across the gymnasium, or have them flown with pride across your football field. However you use them, you can be sure that they will be the talk of the town.

Countless Uses

Customers come to us from all over the country for their School Banners, and not all of them are in charge of traditional K-12 education. In addition to providing banners for colleges and universities, we’ve also done work for karate studios and MMA dojos, dance studios, and other schools that might not immediately come to mind. Even within the confines of what you’d usually think of as a “school,” these banners have all kinds of uses. We’ve created School Banners that advertise opening day in the fall, welcoming students back to class. We’ve designed some that have been used for advertising graduation ceremonies. We’ve even sold banners that stores use to market their back-to-school sales. The sky’s the limit when it comes to a great School Banner, so get yours today!