It’s a Boy Yard Sign

Is there anything more exciting than the arrival of a handsome baby boy? You’re probably so joyous over the newest addition to your family that you’d like to stand on a mountaintop and shout his name to the world! Or maybe take out a full-page ad in the New York Times, announcing to everyone in the U.S. that your special baby has been delivered! Okay, those may not be reasonable options for every new parent…but you have to admit, there’s something attractive about the idea. We can’t necessarily help you get your message to villagers in Australia or to the readers of the Times, but we can definitely help you spread the news. With this It’s a Boy Yard Sign, you can let everyone in your community know that a momentous occasion is here!

Part of a Terrific Celebration

We encourage you to use this It’s a Boy Yard Sign as part of a wholesome celebration that includes many different elements. Now, this celebration has to take a few things into account. The baby won’t be presentable to the public for a while, so now isn’t the right time for a sip-and-see. And of course, Mom will want to spend some quiet, quality time recovering from childbirth and getting to know her precious new baby boy. But just because this isn’t necessarily the best time for a rock-till-dawn party, it doesn’t mean you can’t do something special to mark the occasion.

Some of our favorite ideas (other than the It’s a Boy Yard Sign) include:

Hanging welcome banners on your interior walls – This can make Mom feel special and loved as she recovers from a 9-month ordeal that surely was not easy. This also makes for terrific photographs that you can add to the baby’s quick-to-grow picture album.

Giving gift baskets – If you’re a family member, friend, or neighbor who wants to get in on the fun, why not create a cute little gift basket for baby and parents to enjoy together? These baskets can be filled with sweets, luxuries, baby clothes…anything you think could be of use to the family.

Stock up on everything – This may not sound like much of a “celebration,” but it’s something to keep in mind as the due date approaches. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new baby if you don’t have to run out for groceries every other meal!

Prepare meals – Speaking of eating, tired new parents aren’t going to want to do much in the way of cooking. If you ARE the parents, consider pre-preparing some home-cooked meals before the big day. If you aren’t, this can be a special way to be there for the family.

Document every moment – Whether you’re planning to lie low for a few days or bring everyone you know in on the celebration, you’ll want to make sure you document every special moment. You’ll only know how truly amazing these days are in retrospect, so give yourself plenty of photos and videos upon which to reflect. And hey, these It’s a Boy Signs will look GREAT in the background!