Please Take One Sign

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Some signs are designed strictly to add beauty and aesthetic appeal to your home; others strike a more intentional note by imparting rules, warnings, or general information. But even in the latter case, it’s important to ensure that your “practical “signs are still complementary to your overall decor. After all, while it may be necessary to hang an Out of Order sign on your bathroom door, there’s no reason it has to be ugly! The same principle applies here. Sure, you could scribble a Please Take One Sign on a sheet of notebook paper and tape it to a table, ragged edges and all, but is that really the impression you want to leave your guests with? When it comes to a party, an event, or everyday home decor, the devil is in the details. This Please Take One Sign will let your guests know that, in terms of presentation, you don’t miss a trick.

Wedding and Party Favors
Confronted with a stack of party favors, some guests find themselves confused. Many will ignore them, thinking they must have been put out for some purpose that has nothing to do with them. Others (and you know the type) assume that everything involves them, and they will gladly begin scooping handfuls of free gifts into their oversized purses. When dealing with people, it’s best to be clear and upfront, particularly where gifts are concerned. With this lovely Please Take One Sign, you can kill two birds with one stone. To the reluctant and shy, you send an unmistakable invitation. To the boorish and greedy, you set an inarguable limit. In the process, you can make your wedding or party a more inclusive and enjoyable event for all who attend.

Trick Or Treating
Not every homeowner has the time or the inclination to stand on ready throughout Halloween, jumping up with a bowl of candy every time the doorbell rings. Some have to be elsewhere. Others may simply not wish to interact with the neighborhood children as much as the night requires. Fortunately, there is a way you can thread the needle between limited participation and no participation at all. By putting out a bowl of candy and a Please Take One Sign, you can let Halloween handle itself! Studies have shown that most people, when presented with what may seem like a naughty invitation to steal, will assume that they are being monitored in some way. And with the prevalence of Ring cameras these days, they probably aren’t wrong. In any case, the chances that one greedy kid will make off with all of your candy are fairly low.

Informational Pamphlets
Are you hosting a charity event at your home? Are you in charge of getting information out to the public? If so, you can use a Please Take One Sign to create an easy informational dispensary. Print up the pamphlets you need to disseminate, set them neatly on a central table that will attract attention, and put up the sign to let everyone know where to get their packets. Then you can concentrate on your duties for the evening, be they giving a speech or simply being a great host for your guests. We hope this Please Take One Sign can reduce stress in your life…and also add a bit of beauty to a purely functional message.