Wooden Letters and Numbers

Wooden Letters

Welcome to our wooden letters section, what is great our wood letters is they are fully customizable unlike other letters. You can choose thickness, wood type, fonts, stains and more. We make all of these ourselves and they ship out in 3-5 business days. The unfinished ones sip faster while painted needs time to dry.

Wooden Letters For The Wall

There are so many uses for these types of letters including, Greek lettering for your sorority or fraternity house. Nursery letters, name or monogram that would great for the décor. We want your imagination run wild when it comes to wood, we can do something simple for a business to look professional and rustic or we can make creative artwork for a wall in a nursery. We have basic numbers and letters here but if you wanted something not on our page please call us as we can make almost anything. We make cake toppers, wood art, wall décor, and more. We will be making another page for custom wood, so you can get in-depth but until then best bet is to just give us a call or send an email. We have designers on staff that can work with you for the product you want. We can make a design and then get a final approval before making it. These letters left unpainted are great for crafts and diy projects. When you order we can send you a proof to see what the letters or connect sign will look like prior to us producing it. This works well when making wooden letters for the wall or letters, monograms, script words and letters for the nursery. If you are buying them for a nursery we suggest large decorative wooden letters to achieve the wall decor you have in your mind. This will ensure you see what you will be receiving and make changes if you want. When doing these projects if you are tight on space please call us for an exact measurement.

How To Buy Letters Made of Wood

There are a few dropdowns first you need to choose the font which is written in the font. This is so you can get a general idea of what it would look like. As for size we have small and large letters, if you want a size that’s not listed we can probably make it just give us a call. When it comes to installation choose if you want flat or stud mounting. If you are unsure, let us know what you are using the letters for and we will let you know which to choose. Next pick the thickness you are looking for, we have anywhere from ¼-1” thick. Depending on use you would go thinner or thicker. Next you can pick the type of wood, this is important if you are leaving it unfinished or unpainted. This will showcase the wood being that its unfinished but if you choose to have it painted then select a color. If you decided to have painted wood than I would suggest the less expensive wood. We have 5 different stains to choose from if tat is the look you are going for.

Large Wooden Letters

If you are seeking something larger we suggest using MDF as you can get the thickness without the weight. If you go with a birch or solid the weight of each letter will be pretty heavy especially if you are using at home. If you are having them painted MDF will give you the wood look, the thickness with less weight and less cost. If you want something even larger then we suggest looking at our foam letters. If you are going to mount your letters into the wall or sign then you could use any type of wood you would want as the studs will hold. Double sided tape would not work once you are getting into the thicker solid wood. If you are unsure please give us a call and one of our specialists will walk you through the process and give you the best suggestions for your project. The bottom line is we are here for you to help make your project the best it could be. These craft letters are perfect for making your own wall signage, or as an attractive addition to your space. You can use them to welcome guests, mark a bookcase, display a home office nameplate, or any other project you have in mind. The letters are made of wood that is strong and lightweight, so they’re easy to hang. These wooden letters for wall can be a great addition to the look of your baby’s nursery or play room. It will add a decorative element and will be visible due to the size. You can also paint it any color you want or decorate them in any way you wish! Our set of wooden letters for wall will add an organic touch to any room with just a few simple words. You can use them as decorative art or to spell out a special word like “love”, “peace”, or “home.” Either way, they’ll look great!

Wooden Craft Letters

Wooden craft letters are a beautiful addition to any crafter’s workstation. These letters are perfect for holidays or any event. Create beautiful words, or create letters in colors of your choice! Add names of loved ones to a letter board, create an alphabet banner, or make a word puzzle. The possibilities are endless. These letters are easy to paint or stain yourself and can be used with ease.

Painted Wooden Letters

If you are not looking for just the natural look but want them painted also look no further. We have all the colors of paint to match any project you might have. Our painted wooden letters are made to last using high quality wood and industrial paint. We do recommend keeping them away from the outdoors weather and wood does not last as long as metal or plastic.


  • Indoor Use Only
  • Ships in 3-5 Business Days
    after proof is approved
  • 100+ Standard Styles
  • 50+ Standard Finishes
  • Cost-effective Quality
  • CNC Router Cut
  • Laser Cut
  • Sharp clean lines

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Wooden Letter Colors