Happy Birthday Yard Signs

Tell everyone in your neighborhood that it’s time to party! With these Birthday Yard Signs, you can immediately take this celebration-worthy day and turn it into a community-wide event. It doesn’t matter if the impending birthday boy or girl is 6 or 66, we have the birthday yard signs that will trumpet the news in colorful, fun fashion. You can look through our collection and choose from age groups, colors, styles, and so much more. If you need personalized signs with names and special dates, we can do that for you as well. We want your next birthday to be something special, and these signs will go a long way towards making sure that it is.

Announce Your Big Event

While you’ve probably sent out invitations and advertised your big birthday bash on social media, you may want to cast an even wider net. Particularly after the pandemic year, people are naturally hungry for social interaction – even if it’s with strangers in our community. With birthday yard signs, you can use this occasion to tell anyone and everyone where to be on such-and-such a date: Bring your party hat and get ready to let loose! You can also use these signs as clear directional reminders to all of your guests who are following a GPS to the bash. They’ll know they’ve arrived at the right place when they see your colorful, welcoming signs in the front.

Have a Virtual Celebration

During the lockdown, lots of Americans were forced to celebrate their special occasions without the ones they loved in attendance. But with birthday yard signs, you can celebrate virtually by letting everyone in on the fun. Let’s face it: Some people preferred it this way. If you’re one of those, you don’t have to rely on social distancing excuses to skip the big celebration and do things in a more intimate, private way. At the same time, you can use these signs to announce to everyone that this is your big day. If they want to honk on their way by or drop presents at the front door, so much the better!

Birthday Yard Signs

Our happy birthday yard signs are large enough and pretty enough to serve as an all-in-one decoration scheme. But if you want to add to the fun, you definitely can. Tie balloons to your signs to enhance visibility and create a more festive atmosphere. Add faux birthday gifts to the scene for extra decoration. Get explicit with the purpose of your signs by adding messages announcing the date and time of your big party. With a little bit of creativity, these signs can serve as a starting point for a decorative theme that your entire neighborhood will remember for a long time to come.