Custom Car Magnets

You can instantly transform any vehicle into a rolling advertisement with Custom Car Magnets from American Sign Letters. This removable signage is easy to apply to your car or truck and does all the work of a custom paint job for a much more affordable price. These magnets also work perfectly for any business with a fleet of vehicles, any company that does deliveries, and any venture where it’s important to spread brand awareness throughout the community. Unlike a static sign, Custom Car Magnets can be used to promote your business far and wide; wherever you or your drivers travel, there too goes your marketing campaign. What other promotional tool gives you this kind of range and flexibility for such a small investment?

Effective Brand Messaging

Outdoor advertising continues to grow as companies around the world steadily realize how effective it is in generating revenue. There may actually be a scientific reason for that; studies have shown that humans have greater brain activity and faster-firing synapses when engaged in some sort of activity (as opposed to, say, passively watching television). What activity is more ubiquitous than driving a car? What this means, simply, is that people will be more inclined to remember an ad they saw while driving than one they saw while doing nothing. In this way, Custom Car Magnets not only spread your branding throughout the town but make a deeper impact than many other forms of promotion.

Exceptionally Cost-Effective

When looking for ways to promote your goods and services, you’re looking for two things: Effectiveness and affordability. It’s all well and good to spend a fortune on advertising, but unless it’s going to bring back a double fortune in sales, you’re only digging yourself into a hole. It’s a hole that may even out over time, but not every entrepreneur has the flexibility to wait five years for a profitable return. This dilemma demands the use of cost-effective marketing materials, and Custom Car Magnets are a terrific way to keep more of your money while still garnering results.

Easy to Apply and Remove

If you need flexibility in your mobile advertising, there are no finer solutions than Custom Car Magnets. You can take your magnet off the car in an instant if you need to use the vehicle for non-work purposes (or merely take it through a local car wash). Imagine trying to do that with a vinyl wrap or a decal! These signs can also be traded among several different vehicles, depending on that day’s needs. Another plus: You can play around with the placement of the magnet without getting “stuck” in a bad position. If you don’t like where it is, move it! Simple and fun.