When people aim to display a refined, classy, clean image of their company, they mostly opt for glass signs. Hardly a surprise since this material has been used since ancient times to portray a refined taste, grandeur, and luxury. Another great advantage is its incredible versatility. glass can take many shapes, come in many colors, and be fabricated with many effects and finishes. 

Processes like etching, polishing, beveling, and sand-blasting make endless designs possible. Simultaneously, glass can be combined with vinyl designs in vivid colors for a modern, vibrant effect. Inside offices, specific effects provide glass doors or divisions an adequate amount of privacy—the material blends with almost any style, theme, and décor. More and more, glass signs are used to identify office lobbies, reception areas, and more. 

Some of the most common uses are:

  • Etched glass signs.
  • Engraved glass plaques.
  • Screen-printed glass signs.
  • Glassdoor signage.
  • Decorative glass blocks.
  • Customized glass pieces.
  • …and more!

All glasses are not created equal! Our glass signs are one of the highest-end signs we provide. We utilize only high-tech tools for etching and other processes, resulting in distinctive signs that can contain the most intricate logos and the most beautiful typography. Our glass signs can be lit with LED lights and can be easily set on any wall surface. 

We have the capability to add reverse-painting, sand-blasting, etching, and colorful vinyl effects to create the impact you are seeking. Thickness varies, typically from 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick tempered glass.

You can opt for clear glass, which provides a clean, sharp, and modern effect. The other options include tinted and frosted background. For logos and wording, you can either go with sand-blasting, which can also include filling with the company colors or even 3D letters that enhance the powerful effect. 

Benefits of Glass Signs

  • Flexibility. Glass can be manipulated in various ways; you can also add other materials to it, and it will still work!
  • Looks –hardly any other sort of signage is as beautiful as glass. The luster and shine that offers provide a classy effect. 
  • Cost-effective. Glass is affordable and cost-effective. 
  • Long-lasting. It doesn’t matter if you have your sign inside or outside; your glass sign will be intact for many years. Glass signs are designed to endure harsh weather and other harmful elements. 
  • Customized colors: Picture a color… you can have it! Unlike other materials, when choosing the color contrasts on your glass signage, the sky is the limit. 

While other materials made fade over time or are restricted in terms of shaping and finishes, glass signs offer the versatility and high-class effect your company needs to stand out from the crowd. Search no more, look for the fantastic options we carry, choose what you need, and we will take care of the rest.