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Churches may have different signage needs from other businesses and organizations, which is why we’ve developed this special section just for houses of worship. Here, you’ll find everything from parking lot signs to inspirational messages you can use to provide guidance to your parishioners. As always, the Church Signs you purchase from American Sign Letters will be of the highest quality available and marked with our everyday affordable prices. Free shipping is automatic for all orders over $35, so don’t hesitate to stock up while you’re here!

Parking Lot Signs
Even smaller churches can use the parking lot signs found here to bring order to vehicular traffic, direct visitors to the correct spaces, outline those spaces reserved for clergy, and mark ADA spaces in accordance with federal guidelines. Church should be a time of peacefulness and spiritual reflection, not chaos and frenzied energy. A disorganized parking lot will not put your parishioners in the centered state they’re looking for when they leave their homes on Sunday for an hour of worship. Make things easier on them with these clear, colorful, and effective Church Signs.

Directional Road Signs
Some churches work with their local communities to guide traffic from the surrounding roads into the church parking lot. You can do this more effectively with the directional road signs you find here on the site. These signs are designed to look like standard road signs, and if your church has a good relationship with local authorities, they may be willing to let you post them on the adjacent streets. This can aid as a traffic control device, which is especially useful for large churches that welcome hundreds of people into the congregation on service days. Church Signs can reduce traffic jams, and make it easier for newcomers to find your house of worship.

Inspirational Signs
Please observe our collection of inspirational signs and messages, both here in the Church Signs section and throughout the site. Not only can you find signs that convey ordinary messages through a spiritual lens, you can also avail yourself of personalized and customized signs where you decide what kind of message you’d like to see inscribed. From Bible verses to powerful messages of scriptural truth, we can take any text of your choice and put it on a lovely and professional sign that will look great in your congregation. Call us today to find out how!

Rules and Prohibitions
Young children and the uninitiated may think church is nothing BUT rules and prohibitions, but true believers know otherwise. That said, every church – just like every building or business – will have some rules and regulations they would like visitors to follow. You can make yours known with the Church Signs available here at American Sign Letters. Whether you’d like to take a hard line against snacks and drinks, prohibit smoking on the premises, or simply enforce social distancing, you can do so with these versatile and decorative signs.