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Sometimes it seems as if the pandemic will never end, and we’re sure that you’re every bit as tired of its effects as we are. COVID-19 has proved devastating to many businesses due to lockdowns, social distancing, health mandates, and widespread infection. Unfortunately, even with vaccines doing their thing, we may be stuck with the coronavirus for a long time to come. That leaves business owners with no choice but to adapt to the changing circumstances. You can begin to take those measures with COVID-19 Signs from American Sign Letters. Here, you’ll find signs relating to masks, social distancing, vaccination statuses, and more. Proper signage won’t eliminate the pandemic, but it can be a crucial part of getting through it in one piece.

Social Distancing

From the beginning of the pandemic, everyone from the CDC to local health officials have stressed the importance of social distancing. In the beginning, when we all thought we could somehow get through coronavirus in a few weeks, this meant staying home as much as possible and avoiding all unnecessary public activities. However, it’s not reasonable to keep that strategy up for months, much less years! Therefore, health officials came up with a compromise – six feet of distance when shopping and otherwise interacting with others. These rules aren’t always easy to enforce, but you can certainly set your building’s policy with these COVID-19 Signs.


In conjunction with social distancing, pandemic experts have told us that wearing masks can help us slow or even stop the spread of the coronavirus. This remains a controversial subject in many communities, but the evidence is strong when it comes to the effectiveness of masking. It is especially important for an infected person to wear a mask in order to avoid spreading an illness that they may not even realize they have. With our COVID-19 Signs, you can make it clear to both your workers and your customers that you expect them to wear a mask while doing business in your establishment.

Vaccination Policy

At the beginning of 2021, several prominent pharmaceutical companies debuted the first of the coronavirus vaccines. Since then, hundreds of millions of people have opted to get vaccinated. Still, there are some who either cannot do so for health concerns or refuse to do so due to their skepticism of the shots. Some companies have decided to either disallow this latter group inside their building or encourage them – and only them – to wear masks while shopping. If you’d like to introduce this policy at your business, you can use our COVID-19 Signs to do so.

Special Circumstances

While many of our COVID-19 Signs are geared towards letting you dictate policy to employees and workers, others are meant to provide information. For instance, are you being forced to close your doors temporarily due to an outbreak in your staff? Have you changed your hours to make the business more profitable during this trying time? Do you have new features, such as deliveries or pick-up areas? Use our COVID-19 Signs to keep your customers informed in an era of evolution and change.