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Whether it’s machinery, scaffolding, stairs, or tools, it is important to let people know when you have objects on the premises that are not ready to be used. We make that job easy with this handy Do Not Use Sign. With its bold lettering and concise message, this sign will let everyone know that the equipment in question should be left alone until a later date. In some cases, this could be because the equipment needs repair. In others, it may be that the equipment is being used for a specific purpose, such as a computer that is being updated. Whatever the case, this Do Not Use Sign from American Sign Letters will help ensure that the equipment is clearly labeled.

Provide Clarity

Many of the signs seen in the modern workplace are unclear. Arcane symbols and vague warnings do little to protect workers or provide clarity to employees. At best, they check a box that the owner can point to when inspectors come around. At worst, they result in confusion and fail to convey the intended message. Some are so poorly written that they can actually encourage the exact behavior they are trying to prevent. With a Do Not Use Sign, you can avoid this scenario. A message doesn’t get much simpler than this one. In a workplace where dangers are lurking behind every piece of machinery, simplicity and clarity should be your top priorities.

Combine or Customize

In some cases, it’s not a piece of on-site machinery that you’re looking to keep people away from, it is their own equipment. For instance, hospitals will sometimes limit the use of cell phones because their signals can interfere with medical equipment. For this reason, we encourage you to take advantage of our customization services if you need a more specific sign. We can work with you to create a Do Not Use Sign that specifies exactly what you want your employees and customers to do (or not do, as the case may be). You can also combine this sign with others, such as our Out of Order signs.

Label Unsafe Equipment

Do you have stairs that require repair? Do you have a section of the store under construction? In some cases, it can be dangerous to use equipment that is not in full working order. Make sure your customers and employees know which areas to avoid and which equipment to leave alone with this Do Not Use Sign.