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In the event of a crisis at your workplace, you need visual communication tools that can help your visitors and employees determine exactly what they need to do and where they need to go. Plans are useful and maps are even better, but nothing cuts through the panic and confusion like Emergency Signs relevant to the situation at hand. Preparation has a way of flying out the window when people are scared – and they will be scared in the event of a fire, chemical spill, tornado, or any other kind of impending disaster. When those events unfold (and you can never be sure that they won’t), you’ll want good signage in place to help people find their way to safety.

Emergencies Come in Many Forms

It’s not always enough to simply post an evacuation plan or a sign that labels your first aid kit. Some businesses are more hazardous than others, of course, but even businesses that are relatively safe can be located in areas that are visited by extreme weather events and other natural disasters. It pays to have signage that helps employees and visitors move about safely when one of these tragedies strikes. Some of the most common emergencies include: Flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, chemical spills, blizzards, and earthquakes. Don’t wait until one of these events transpires to take action! Use Emergency Signs from American Sign Letters to keep your business prepared for the worst.

Mark Emergency Phones and Equipment

Do you have equipment on the premises meant specifically for emergencies? If your warehouse is large enough, it may be that employees will have a hard time figuring out where those supplies are when needed. Whether we’re talking about heavy equipment, shovels, eyewash, or first aid kits, these things need to be clearly labeled so they can be found quickly in an emergency. The same holds true for any emergency phones you have on the property. These phones are designed to make calls to 911, even in the event that power and/or cell phone service is disrupted. Use Emergency Signs to label these phones so they can be used effectively when the need arises.

Who Needs Emergency Signs?

You may be thinking that because you don’t preside over construction projects or run a dangerous welding factory that you have no need for Emergency Signs. But the truth is that tragedy can strike anywhere at any time, and it often comes from surprising directions. It ALWAYS comes unexpectedly. For that reason, it pays to be prepared. Some of the organizations that can benefit from Emergency Signs include:

— Stores

— Restaurants

— Schools

— Hospitals

— Nursing homes

— Warehouses

— Public swimming pools

— Hotels

Just when you think you’ve done everything to prepare for the most common situations, something will come out of left field. You can ensure that you don’t get caught flat-footed by investing in high-quality Emergency Signs today!