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With Hand Wash Signs from American Sign Letters, you can help prevent the spread of common infections, remind your employees about the importance of washing their hands, signal to customers that you make public health a priority, and stay within OSHA guidelines. That’s just a few of the many benefits you can avail yourself and your business of with an affordable investment into quality signage. According to the CDC, there are few better ways to get out in front of colds, flu, and other viruses (including COVID-19) than frequent handwashing. With these Hand Wash Signs, you can do your part to slow down the pandemic and keep your business clean and safe.

Communicate Essential Information
You can’t necessarily count on the fact that your employees and guests will automatically know about the importance of regular handwashing. With Hand Wash Signs, you can cut through those assumptions and provide the communication yourself! That way, if there ever is a breakout of infections in your store or restaurant, you’ll at least know that you covered your own bases. You’d be surprised at the number of managers and business owners who don’t even do that much. At a time when we’re all trying to get through this pandemic together, you can make a tremendous contribution to public health by using these Hand Wash Signs in your place of business.

Remind Employees and Customers
Sometimes it’s simple forgetfulness that keeps your employees and guests from washing their hands as frequently as they should. This, more than anything, illustrates the importance of posting Hand Wash Signs in relevant areas, such as the bathrooms. Not everyone is practiced in washing their hands every time they use the facilities. Until it becomes a habit, these signs are an essential component of encouraging good hygiene practices. This is important for the safety of your customers and the continued smooth operation of your business.

Build Public Trust
Customers want to shop and dine at businesses that take hygiene and health seriously, especially with the pandemic looming over every aspect of our public lives. By posting Hand Wash Signs in prominent locations, you can build a reputation as a business that treats these considerations as a priority. You might be amazed at how easily you can set yourself apart from the competition with such a small adjustment! If you have two restaurants of roughly equal quality, would you choose the one that makes handwashing a priority or the one that doesn’t?

High-Quality Hand Wash Signs
When you purchase Hand Wash Signs from American Sign Letters, you’re getting a quality product that lasts. These signs are often posted in high-moisture environments such as the public restrooms, which is why it’s important to purchase signage that can stand up to the elements. You’ll find those signs right here, and you can purchase them for a competitive price that won’t break the budget. Thanks for stopping by, and let us know if we can answer any questions!