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With Handicap Parking Signs from American Sign Letters, you can reserve the best spaces for those with disabilities that make it challenging to walk to the front door of your establishment. In some cases, it may stand to reason to provide extra room in these spaces to allow for disability vans. In others, these spaces may be located near wheelchair ramps that take the place of stairs for those who need added accessibility options. In almost all cases, though, you will want to post these Handicap Parking Signs in front of spaces as close to the front of the building as possible. This is not just kindness, it is the law.

Check the Regulations
It’s important for any building manager to check regulations and how they apply to the business or organization in question. An apartment complex will be required to have a certain number of disabled spaces, for instance, while a hospital or a Walmart will be subject to somewhat different regulations. This doesn’t just apply to Handicap Parking Signs, of course; it also applies to ramps, elevators, the presence of obstructions, handrails, braille signs, and much more. By staying on top of these regulations, which come from the Americans With Disabilities Act, you can make sure you don’t have to pay fines for being caught out of compliance.

Sharp, Professional Signage
Whether you’re running a restaurant or an elementary school, presentation matters. You already know this, of course. But did you know that customers (or students, or patients, etc.) are judging you from the moment they drive onto the lot? Most people would scoff at the idea that they would form a higher or lesser opinion of a business based on how their Handicap Parking Signs look, but these are judgments being made at the subconscious level. And at that level, nothing is too small or insignificant. Keep that in mind when it comes to posting signage in your parking lot, because everything matters. Don’t let reputational damage come to your organization because you wanted to save a few bucks on your Handicap Parking Signs!

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