No Food or Drink Signs


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Parks, retail companies, and other organizations have the right to curtail certain behaviors that might negatively impact the property, workers, or other guests. At the same time, it is important to balance that responsibility with fairness and clarity, because you could otherwise risk alienating customers who violate the rules – without ever knowing those were the rules in the first place! There are many good reasons to prohibit the consumption of food or drink, but you can only implement this rule effectively if you post a sign making the mandate clear. Now you can do just that. With No Food or Drink Signs from American Sign Letters, your policy on the matter will never be in doubt again.

Prevent Insects and Wildlife
Probably the most important reason to post No Food or Drink Signs is to cut down on insects. Ants are particularly good at sniffing out dropped crumbs, and you will have yourself an ant problem in no time if you allow food to be consumed at your place of business. Whether we’re talking about a retail store, a school classroom, or a hospital room, it is critical to limit the amount of unauthorized food being eaten (and thus, spilled). While this policy is important indoors, it can be even more essential at public parks or campgrounds where wildlife is nearby. Raccoons, bears, and other wild animals will stop at nothing to get at an easy food source, so use these No Food or Drink Signs to avoid turning your park into a haven for scavengers.

Stay Within Regulations
In some cases, preventing the consumption of food and drink is more than a smart idea – it’s the law. OSHA prohibits food consumption in places where hazardous chemicals are stored and used. Laboratories, chemical warehouses, fertilizer plants, and other sites where workers are in contact with these materials should always have rules restricting food and drink. This is for the safety of the employees; it also helps prevent contamination of the lab, where a crust of bread or a drop of Sprite could completely invalidate the results of an experiment. Use our No Food and Drink Signs to limit this practice and stay within OSHA regulations.

Effective and Smart
When you’re ready to lay down the law regarding food consumption at your park, business, school, or organization, use these No Food or Drink Signs to effectively make your mandate clear and get results fast.