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Parking Signs

“Finding a parking space,” the conundrum that every driver has faced at one point or another. It doesn’t matter if you are a business driver seeking to unload merchandise, or a busy mom running errands, abiding by parking guidelines is a must!

If you own a business, having your parking area properly signaled is the key to having a situation descending into a total mess. Aside from the fact that you need –by law –to fulfill some requisites, you also want your customers to navigate through your parking area in a comfortable, orderly way.

Parking signs are not only mandatory, but the perfect mean to organize your parking spots. A no-brainer: these signs instruct people when and where they can park their cars or not. They can include details such as the specific people who can use a determined space –like a company manager – or spaces assigned for people with disabilities. Here are the most common parking signs:

  • No parking signs. There are some areas that either for safety, convenience, or aesthetics need to be cleared 24/7. Such areas can include where the emergency exits are located, the storefront, among others. Unauthorized use of these spots can carry penalties and fines. Sometimes these signs are customized and allow parking on specific times, such as signs that say: “Parking allowed from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.”
  • Fire Hydrant Signs. For obvious reasons, fire hydrants ought to be cleared and free of obstruction as much as possible. Unlike the “no parking signs” –where a business or a building can customize it per their wants and needs,” these signs must comply with the official regulation. Usually, the details are regulated per each state.
  • Accessible Parking signs. Official Rules also require every building to fill a certain quota on reserved spots for people with disabilities. These spaces must have the easiest, nearest access to the building. Handicap spaces are usually located near the main entrance and where the ground is mostly level. These assigns are typically recognizable by a graphic of a wheelchair.
  • Permit parking sign. These signs are meant to ensure specific people have a place to park their cars. These are very common in companies where high-ranking employees (such as CEOs, directors, and managers) have a specific spot with their name. Some companies also utilize them for specific customers.

If you have a business, a store, or any other type of facility –such as a school –you need to pay attention to how well your parking is signaled. Be mindful of the official regulations, and make sure your employees comply and set a good example.

Parking signs can be –assuming they do not break any guidelines –customized using different colors, shapes (such as arrows), times, exceptions, etc.

Remember to lead by example and abide by all requirements. It will keep your employees, customers, visitors, and the authorities happy.