Playground Rules Signs


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Playgrounds are wonderful places of respite for families with young children. The parents get to either actively participate in the play or take a much-needed break on the benches while their children go wild on the equipment. But a great day at the playground starts with a SAFE day on the playground. You can ensure that families and children enjoy that safety with these Playground Rules Signs from American Sign Letters. If you’re concerned about the misuse of playground equipment, rough play that might endanger others, or the “big kids” using slides and swings that aren’t meant for them, you can use these signs to restore order to your playground today!

Prohibit Smoking and Drinking

A playground is not supposed to double as a teenage hangout, much less a place for adults to gather when the bars close in the early hours of the morning. It’s intended for kids, and it is therefore a good idea to implement rules that keep harmful substances off the premises. With the Playground Rules Signs found here in this section, you can easily bar alcohol and smoking from the grounds. This also has the side benefit of cutting down on litter, which eases the burden on any maintenance and janitorial staff you employ. Most importantly, it prevents your playground from gaining a certain kind of reputation. Before you know it, teenagers have taken over the park and it’s no longer safe for children and families to come enjoy themselves. By prohibiting cigarettes and alcohol, you’re doing the future of your playground a great service.

Warning and Liability Signs

It’s an inevitable fact of life: Every year, a certain number of children are going to get hurt at the country’s playgrounds. There’s nothing you can do about this fact, short of closing up shop and sending the kids home (where they’ll just get hurt doing something else, eventually). That said, you can’t let the fact that accidents happen prevent you from taking precautionary measures. This means using Playground Rules Signs to warn children about hot equipment, equipment that is broken and should be left alone, and other hazards that the playground may entail. You can also use this signage to disavow liability for accidents and injuries, informing parents and children that they play at their own risk.

Reminders for Parents

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need signage to remind parents of their responsibilities, but if you’re the manager of a playground, you already know that this world doesn’t exist. It’s all too easy for parents to get caught up in their conversations (or in their texting) and completely forget that they’re supposed to be keeping an eye on little Johnny and little Suzie. It doesn’t take much inattention to give kids room to do something dangerous, so you may want to use Playground Rules Signs as a little reminder to parents: Watch your kids!