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Pools both public and private provide millions of families with countless hours of recreational fun and exercise every year. But while swimming pools are enormously popular, they are also potential havens for injuries, drownings, and other serious problems. Lifeguards and parental supervisors can help mitigate the worst of the threats, but it is always best to have clear rules in place as a precautionary measure. If you can get everyone on the same page ahead of time, you can easily weed out those who have no intention of playing by the rules. These people – kids and adults – can introduce extra harm to the swimming experience and make the pool more dangerous for everyone. With Pool Signs from American Sign Letters, you can make the rules clear, live up to your legal responsibilities, and ensure that your pool is a healthy and hygienic place for all.

Implement Basic Rules
Whether you’re in charge of a public recreational pool or just looking to implement standards for your home pool, there are a handful of fundamental basic rules you should have in place. You can use the Pool Signs found in this section to communicate these rules and expand upon them as you see fit. Some of these basic rules include:

— Age restrictions
— Food and drink prohibitions
— Mask requirements
— Pet restrictions
— No Littering signs that keep the poolside area and the water itself free from debris and junk
— 911 and other emergency contact numbers
— Water depth notifications
— Full rule signs that cover everything you expect from swimmers and staff

By putting Pool Signs up, you’re sending a message to everyone who swims at your facility: You want them to have fun, but you’re also determined to make sure that no one’s enjoyment is spoiled by bad behavior.

Comply With State Law
Every state has certain laws and regulations governing the management of a communal pool. In most instances, these laws do not apply to private home pools, but you may wish to check with your local authorities to be sure. If you commonly have swimming parties or allow the neighborhood kids to come swimming, you may be held to the same standards as a public pool. In any case, these requirements are placed on pool managers to implement rules that will help maintain safety for all swimmers. Familiarize yourself with your state’s laws, and then choose the Pool Signs you need to ensure compliance.

Maintain Health and Good Hygiene
Pool hazards don’t begin and end with roughhousing, alcohol, or accidental drowning. They also extend to health and hygiene habits. We have Pool Signs you can use to demand that your swimmers clean themselves before entering the water and know better than to relieve themselves while in the pool. You may wish to implement other sanitation strategies to ensure that your pool remains healthy and hygienic for everyone. Use the Pool Signs you find here to get your point across!