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Boaters, fishermen, and others who enjoy recreational watersports often struggle to find access points that are convenient and affordable. There may be plenty of lakes and rivers in a particular community, but how many of them provide docks for the public to use? Sometimes the answer is: Very few. This scarcity can lead individuals to make choices they might not otherwise make, such as using a dock that doesn’t belong to them (and isn’t open to the public). And if there’s no signage to the contrary, they can claim plausible deniability is asked about their usage. If you’re tired of having people trespass on your property, therefore, it only makes sense to put up Private Dock Signs. In a single, affordable stroke, you can make sure everyone knows that your dock is off-limits!

Protect Your Property
As you well know, a dock is a significant investment in the value of your home. As you also probably know, it doesn’t take a lot of recklessness to cause a lot of damage to that investment. Why should you be forced to pay for repairs caused by trespassers? By posting Private Dock Signs, you can keep reckless boaters and others from using your property as their own personal playground – often to the detriment of your dock. Buying these signs is very affordable, especially when you compare them to the exorbitant costs of repairing your dock!

Protect Yourself
Damage to your dock is only one financial concern that should be top of mind when taking measures to eliminate trespassers and unauthorized users. In fact, it may be secondary to the very real possibility of a liability suit. At first blush, it seems ridiculous that someone could use your dock, get hurt, and then sue YOU for damages. The truth is that this “ridiculous” situation happens all the time in some form or another. And you may find it difficult to defend yourself if you don’t have Private Dock Signs posted that make it clear that violators are trespassing. So, in addition to making sure your dock is maintained and in good condition, make sure that you’ve done everything in your power to protect yourself from legal liability.

Private Dock Rules
In addition to marking your territory, so to speak, you may also wish to shop our extensive collection of rules signs regarding dock usage. Even if you intend to limit who can use your dock, it’s important to set parameters for those who do. You can do this easily and effectively with the Private Dock Signs you find here on the site. We carry signs that cover seasonal closures, discourage people from jumping off the dock into the water, and warn of floating docks that behave differently than those moored to the shore. And, of course, we do plenty of customization work here at American Sign Letters, so if you can’t find the exact sign you need, give us a call – we’ll be able to get you a Private Dock Sign that matches your precise demands!