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Many businesses, schools, and other organizations see fit to build what’s called a “safe room” for their employees, members, and students to use in the event of an extreme emergency. These sheltered rooms are encouraged by FEMA and their construction standards are designed to live up to federal regulations. The creation of these rooms may differ according to their purpose – a chemical shelter may be different from an explosion-proof room, for instance – but they are similar in terms of their functionality. It is important, however, to remember that building the room is only one aspect of safe disaster protection. The other half of the equation lies in making sure everyone knows exactly where to go when an emergency arises. You can accomplish this effectively with Safe Room Signs from American Sign Letters.

FEMA Requirements
In some cases, you may actually be under requirements from FEMA to place regulatory Safe Room Signs at the entrance of the room itself. These signs may also need to be accompanied by the manufacturer of the room and some signage that denotes the specific purpose of the shelter. For instance, regulations may require that you label a Hurricane Room so that it is properly distinguished from a Fallout Room, and so forth. By ensuring that you are compliant with these standards, you can avoid the fines and fees associated with surprise inspections. These rules are also important from a safety standpoint. When you purchase Safe Room Signs from us, you’ll know you’re getting a quality product that will put you in compliance with federal regulations.

Wayfinding Signs
The Safe Room Signs here on the site aren’t limited to immediate identification signs. While it is essential to label the room itself, it can also be important to alert employees, students, and even the greater community that a safe room is present and then combine that information with directional arrows that point the way. Disasters – both natural and manmade – invoke panic and confusion. If you’ve never been involved in such a situation, you may be shocked at how much information flies completely out of your mind! You don’t want to have to rack your brain to remember where to go; you want to be able to glance up, see a Safe Room Sign, and follow the directed path. In this way, posting this kind of signage can help save lives in a crisis.

Effective, High-Quality Signs
We follow one basic rule when it comes to the products we offer here at American Sign Letters: If we can’t combine top-quality design with affordable pricing, we don’t put it up for sale. Every Safe Room Sign found here on the site has been designed with that maxim in mind, which is why you can always buy products with confidence when you shop with us. If you’re looking for signage that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for stopping by, and let us know if you need help finding anything!