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Wet floors can present slipping hazards that endanger both customers and employees. If you don’t take measures to warn people about the wet floors in your establishment, you could be on the hook for any damages that result from a slip and fall accident. Workplace injury law firms make hundreds of millions every year bringing lucrative cases against negligent companies, and many of these cases are built around slip and fall injuries.

Don’t let your business go under due to such an event. It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to protect yourself, your workers, and your customers. Just posting Slippery When Wet Signs in full view after your floors are mopped or otherwise covered in water could be enough to save you from a major liability headache down the road. Take a look through our inventory to find the signs that are right for your business!

Color Matters
We carry our Slippery When Wet Signs in a wide variety of colors, and you can always choose to have yours custom-made to match your branding. That said, we should point out that color matters when it comes to these signs. Put more succinctly, you want colors that will stand out and aid in visibility; these are signs you want people to immediately notice and pay attention to – BEFORE they set foot on the wet floors and put themselves in jeopardy. For that reason, we encourage you to choose bright colors such as yellow with black text printed boldly on the front. People are used to seeing caution signs in these colors, and they’ll instantly know that a hazard is imminent.

Where to Use
If you think Slippery When Wet Signs are just meant for the roadways, think again. While we do carry road signs of this nature for communities and local governments, the highway is not the only place where hazards can arise from wet conditions. Indeed, you likely have many places inside your business that could present a problem if the conditions are right (or wrong, as the case may be). This includes the area in front of any refrigerators you have on-site, ice machines, air conditioners, water fountains, restrooms, and more. Make liberal use of Slippery When Wet Signs if the need arises, and you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of an accident.

Roofs, Ramps, and Parking Lots
When choosing where to place your Slippery When Wet Signs, don’t neglect those areas that can be particularly dangerous when exposed to water. These include your roof, any ramps you have on the property, and the parking lot. Everyday slip-and-fall injuries can turn tragic when these additional dangers are introduced, so be extra careful to provide warning signs when the consequences of a fall could be disastrous. We carry signs that are specific to these types of hazards, so pick the ones that are right for your circumstances or have us design you a custom sign you can use for your unique hazards. The investment is well worth it.