Suggestion Box Sign

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Studies have shown that workers feel more engaged and motivated when they feel like they have a say in how their company is run. Often, managers and owners make the mistake of ignoring suggestions from the “lowly” workers, believing that they have little value to add when it comes to concepts like increased productivity, higher profit margins, or anything else that might impact the bottom line. Don’t forget, though: These workers are the ones on the front line! They’re the ones interacting with customers and following the day-to-day trends of your business. Their input can be extremely valuable…but only if you take the time to solicit it. With a Suggestion Box Sign from American Sign Letters, you can encourage your employees to speak freely and take an active role in the growth of your business.

A Small Investment Brings Big Rewards

When you purchase a Suggestion Box Sign, look upon it as an investment in your company’s future. More than any other signs we sell (other than actual promotional signage for your business), this has the potential to open up new highways of productivity and profit. Simply making it known that you value your employees and their feedback can have a dramatic impact on your company’s morale. But more than that, you may be surprised to realize how many ideas they have for you to consider! From ways to improve the workplace to interesting new strategies for customer engagement, your suggestion box may soon be filled with enough ideas to fuel the next ten years of your business. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Shake Things Up

It’s all too easy to put your business on autopilot, especially after you’ve done the excruciatingly hard work of making it profitable. Why not sit back, put a decent manager in charge, and watch the money roll in? Unfortunately, the old maxim is true: If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. That doesn’t mean you have to preside over unlimited expansion, but it does mean you need to shake things up every once in a while. With Suggestion Box Signs, you can bring your employees in on the fun and try out ideas you may never have thought of on your own. You never know – one of your workers could be holding the keys to the next level of your company’s success.

Open It Up To Customers

You have another resource available to you that may be even more valuable than your employees. Your customers undoubtedly have ideas about how you can change your business for the better, so why not give them a forum to make recommendations. From carrying new items to expanding your business services, a wealth of profitable ideas could be only a step away. And with Suggestion Box Signs from American Sign Letters, you can invite your customers to give them to you whenever they want!