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It’s normally not a great business practice to keep your clients and customers waiting, but certain companies have no choice but to implement waiting as part of the service. We’d all like to imagine a doctor’s office without a waiting room, but that’s probably not in the cards. Likewise, you may have many reasons at your own business for keeping people queued up, whether we’re talking about patients, diners, delivery drivers, or even retail customers. With Waiting Signs from American Sign Letters, you can direct people to wait for service in a clear and communicative way that reduces the burden on your reception staff. These signs are made from high-quality materials that last, so don’t hesitate to buy yours today!

Avoid Overcrowding

Overcrowding is an annoyance under the best of circumstances; in the age of COVID, however, it can be a public health threat as well. If you’d like to keep people from cramming into your store or waiting room, you can use these Waiting Signs to outline the behavior you expect. This could include telling customers to wait outside until there is room, telling diners to stay at the bar, or any other instructions you deem necessary. By posting these signs in a conspicuous manner, you help avoid confusion and reduce the chances that you’ll be met with belligerent pushback from impatient customers.

Maintain Safety

At times, it may be best to keep people waiting for the purpose of keeping them and your employees safe. Indeed, you may have insurance regulations that prevent you from allowing people on-site, even if they are contractors or truck drivers. With the Waiting Signs you find here in our inventory, you can lay out the flow of your business and instruct delivery personnel, contractors, customers, and anyone else to wait in a designated area until you’re ready to receive them. Not only will this keep them safe from any harm that might befall them on the property, it will keep you protected from liability issues that could arise from injuries.

Keep Work Zones Clear

It is important for any business to maintain an orderly parking lot, and you can use these Waiting Signs to do so. They are particularly effective when used to keep certain zones clear – loading docks, fire lanes, curbside delivery spaces, and so forth. Indeed, as important as it is to tell people when and where to wait, it is just as important to tell them where NOT to wait. You can do that with the signs you find here in this category, or you can contact us for a custom sign that expresses the message in any way you see fit. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll make sure you get exactly the Waiting Signs you need!