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Whether you’re running a zoo, a campground, a nature park, or any other parcel of land that contains wild animals, it’s essential to post signage that explains to visitors what they might encounter…and how they should behave when they do. Seeing animals up close can be a transformative experience, and the thirst for such an experience often drives people to take chances that they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, when these encounters get TOO close, disaster can happen. Use Wildlife Signs from American Sign Letters to discourage unsafe practices and protect both the animals and your guests from harm.

Prohibition Signs
As you probably already know from your own experience, you should never assume knowledge on behalf of your guests. In other words, don’t take it for granted that they’ll “know better” than to try and pet a grizzly bear or pick up a snake. You won’t be able to stop every fool from recklessly putting himself, his family, and the animals themselves in danger, but you can at least make sure that the rules are clear. With the prohibitive Wildlife Signs found in this category, you can discourage visitors from touching, molesting, feeding, or otherwise disturbing the animals in the territory.

Viewing Opportunities
Not all Wildlife Signs are meant to scold and prohibit behavior, of course. We also carry several signs you can use to draw attention to wildlife opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, do you have a trail, vista, or bridge where people can potentially see the animals playing and moving about in their natural habitat? Don’t make them find out through the grapevine; go ahead and promote these opportunities with a big sign that is sure to draw attention. There’s nothing more disappointing than leaving a park only to find out later that you missed one of the best opportunities for wildlife viewing! You can ensure your guests don’t have that experience by posting Wildlife Signs throughout the park.

Slow Down Traffic
Wild animals and fast-moving cars are seldom a promising combination. Not only can you use the Wildlife Signs found here on the site to govern the behavior of parkgoers, you can also use them to protect area wildlife from oncoming traffic. Animals don’t know the old maxim about looking both ways before crossing the road; you have to do your part to help them travel freely. By posting signs that encourage drivers to slow down and be alert, you can reduce accidents, protect the animals, and do the motorists themselves a favor by helping them avoid some costly body work!

Refuge Alerts
If you’re in charge of a wildlife refuge, you can use these Wildlife Signs to alert trespassers to the fact that they are on protected ground and should immediately leave for their own safety and that of the animals who inhabit the property. These signs can also be used to bar hunting from the premises. We can even develop custom Wildlife Signs that warn of specific consequences in the event of violations (prosecution, fines, etc.) When you’re ready to protect your refuge from unauthorized use, count on our signs to do the trick!