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An attractive storefront is crucial when it comes to enticing new customers and a store’s outdoor signage is a key ingredient. Shoppers and clients will be turned off by an unattractive, fading, or barely visible exterior signs. Put simply, your storefront sign should reflect a company that takes pride in its work or product and is eager to attract and retain new customers.

Because visibility is one of the most important elements to consider when creating the sign, keep it clean and simple. An overly intricate design could make your sign hard to read and your business and its purpose difficult to identify.

If you do not have graphic design experience within your own staff, consider working with a talented professional designer to create an attractive logo and design that will wow your customers. This sign will present your brand and the overall tone of your business to the public and you want to ensure the design is clean, eye-catching, and memorable.

Custom Storefront Signs

Here are some ideas you should consider as you begin to plan your business’s storefront sign:

Look around: Take some time to study the storefront signs of other businesses in your area, especially competitors who may offer the same type of services or goods as your company. Take pictures and jot down ideas. Consider the storefront signs that catch your eye immediately as well as the ones that do not. What will set your sign apart from competitors? What will make your sign stand out in the crowd and look better than others in the neighborhood?

Do your homework: Research any specific storefront signage restrictions in your business district so you are well aware of size or other limitations before you work with a graphic designer or sign company. Avoid wasted time and money designing a large neon sign only to find out later it is prohibited in the district where your business is located. Contact local authorities to find out the exact requirements and know the size or material specifications before you begin work with a graphic designer or sign shop.

Study the options: Storefront signs come in a wide variety of options and finishes. The type of sign you choose—whether it’s a custom decal on your windows, a wooden sign over your door, an awning, or a flashing LED sign—should match the overall tone and feel of your business. Copper lettering, for example, might be a nice choice for your upscale gastropub while the flashing LED sign might be a more appropriate choice for your refurbished electronics store.

Make it last: Both the design and the material used for your storefront sign should have staying power. A logo that is too “trendy” can become outdated quickly and a cheaply made sign can be damaged by the elements over time. A faded or damaged storefront sign is not a promising sign to a potential customer and it could, in fact, push them to seek the same goods or services elsewhere. Maintaining the appearance of your storefront is vital to your business’s long-term success so durability should be one of your top considerations.

One of the best options for durability in storefront sign is aluminum. Aluminum is great for outdoor use and a long-lasting look. Aluminum letters will never rust or fade. Additionally, aluminum signage utilizes waterjets and lasers to precisely cut the lettering and numbers providing greater detail than routers. These beautiful letters have clean, crisp edges and come in many different styles. The most common type of mounting you’ll find with aluminum letters for signs is stud mounting. Aluminum truly stands the test of time. It is a low density and very light material yet incredibly durable.

Stainless steel is also a popular option, but it is important to note that “stainless” does not mean stain-free. Brushed steel letters are particularly susceptible to collecting exterior contaminants and airborne pollutants from harsh environments. This is because the brushed stainless steel finish catches and holds residues that can stain the surface of the letters. It can be cleaned regularly for a like-new appearance, but consider that the sign will need to be maintained in order to keep your storefront attractive and appealing to potential customers.

Cor-Ten® is a weather-resistant steel created by alloying copper, chromium, and nickel. The material forms its own protective layer when exposed to atmospheric elements. Essentially, the top layer corrodes which then protects the steel beneath it. The natural finish does not normally require any form of maintenance such as painting, which makes the material a highly cost-effective alternative to other structural steels.

Bronze is used a bit less frequently for signs; there is a misconception that bronze signs will not hold up to the elements as long as other materials. However, if you build the proper sign with bronze it will last for many years. Copper is another fairly unique letter type for store signage and is extremely durable and provides a fantastic, upscale look.

At American Sign Letters, we can help you create the best storefront sign for your business and we have a wide variety of durable and attractive lettering options available. Whether you are looking for custom signs, real estate signs, channel letter signs, lighted signs, or any other business signs, our customer service team can turn your design into a reality and we are more than happy to walk you through the entire process and discuss the best options for your business needs. In addition to your storefront signage, we have numerous other products to help you attract new customers from vinyl car decals to window graphics and storefront window vinyl banners. Learn more about our products at and contact us for a quote today!


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