Vinyl Lettering for Cars to Personalize Your Ride

For a lot of people cars, are more than just a mode of transportation used for getting them from A to B. They’re often objects of desire that have taken a long time to save up for and buy. And while essentially they’re machines that help us move around, they’re also kind of like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted.

People personalize their cars for many reasons, but essentially it comes down to one thing: expression. Personalizing your car is a way of expressing yourself. It’s a way to show everyone else who you are and what you like. There are various ways as to how you can personalize your ride, including fancy paint jobs and full body wraps. However, these options are often very expensive. One inexpensive, yet very effective way to personalize your ride is through the use of vinyl lettering or other vinyl decals.

Why choose vehicle vinyl lettering to personalize your ride?

There are many reasons as to why custom vinyl lettering and other vehicle graphics are great to use for personalizing your ride. Here are some:

  • Easy to apply/remove: One of the best things about vehicle vinyl lettering is that it’s so easy to apply and even those of you who are a little clumsy or with no real artistic talent can pull it off. You can even add a few vinyl graphics to give it the finishing touch. And, removing it is just as easy if you do fancy a change or need to sell the car.
  • Inexpensive: Applying vinyl lettering to your car is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to personalize your ride. Unlike expensive paint jobs, you don’t need to worry too much when you go to sell it as will come straight off and you won’t have lost a great deal of money comparatively.
  • Durable: Custom vinyl lettering and other vinyl decals are pretty durable as have been designed to withstand harsh weather. In many cases, the vinyl will outlive the car.
  • Loads of options: You are literally spoilt for choice when it comes the color, size, font, or design you want to use when personalizing your ride. They’re really versatile too and can be put pretty much anywhere on your car including the hood, roof, or wings.


Different options for cars

Where you want to apply your vinyl lettering and other custom decals is really down to you. There are various different vinyl lettering options available for cars. There are pre-printed options that fit most vehicles and on various parts including the hood, the side, and the bumper. Another really cool option is to have vinyl lettering on your glass. Wherever you decide to place your vinyl lettering just make sure you measure up before you buy your materials and read the following guide on how to best apply them to your ride.


Short guide on how to apply vinyl lettering to your vehicle

To help make sure you don’t get stuck to your car along with the vinyl, the following is a short guide on how to apply vinyl lettering to your vehicle:

  • Prepare the surface. Once you’ve worked out where you’re going to put your vinyl lettering, it’s time to prepare that area. You want to make sure the area is clean and free from any dirt, but you don’t want it to be waxy or the vinyl will not stick. So do not use any wax or polish on the vehicle before applying the lettering. Simply wipe the area clean with warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly.
  • Tape the lettering into position. Using small pieces of masking tape, simply tape the top of the vinyl lettering into position. This will act as a kind of hinge when removing the protective sheets.
  • Spray the surface. Just before you’re ready to stick the lettering down, spray a little water on the area first. This will give you more play and prevent bubbling later on.
  • Squeegee time. Most vinyl lettering kits will come with a squeegee. If not, you can use a credit card instead. Taking the utensil press down on every part of the lettering from top to bottom.
  • Remove the backing paper. Once you’re sure you’ve squeegeed everywhere and are confident that it’s stuck, remove the backing paper.
  • Remove the top sheet. The final step in applying vinyl lettering to your vehicle is to remove the top sheet. If any letters begin to lift, simply work them back down again using the squeegee.

Maintenance for vinyl lettering

There are several things you can do to help protect your vinyl lettering. Here are some of them:

  • A gentle wash: The easiest way to maintain your vinyl lettering and keep it looking its best for longest is to wash it gently with soap and warm water. Avoid using any harsh chemical -based cleaners such as Windex on the lettering and never use a power wash on it.
  • Avoid chemicals: Harsh chemicals such as gasoline or solvents will destroy vinyl letters so avoid getting these anywhere near your artwork.
  • Cover up: The sun’s rays can cause a considerable amount of damage to a car’s exterior, particularly its vinyl lettering. For that reason, try and park in a garage or under cover wherever possible. This will undoubtedly prolong the life of your vinyl lettering.
  • Well maintained wipers/heaters. As long as your rear wipers or heaters are well maintained, they should not interfere with your vinyl lettering in any way.

By now your mind is probably racing with ideas as to how you can personalize your ride. Whether it’s from a business perspective or a personal point of view, applying vinyl lettering to your ride is a fantastic way to make yourself known to the rest of the world. It’s effective, inexpensive, and not too difficult to do it yourself. All that’s left for you to do know is locate your inner DaVinci and figure out just how personalized you want your ride to be.